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Band: Manes
Album: [view]
Release date: February 2006

01. Cinder Alley
02. Terminus Rmx [DJ Don Tomaso Remix]
03. The Neoflagellata Revision
04. Terminus Deconstructus [Cordell Klier Remix]
05. Knife & Kleenex
06. Title
07. Terminus Dei Profundis [Cordell Klier Remix]

Evolution. That's the word I've been looking all over my brain for the past minutes. That's the word that comes to my mind when I try to describe the latest release from Avant-garde outfit Manes. During most of the nineties, the band spent their days dwelling in the underground Norwegian Black Metal scene, until in 2003 they released "Vilosophe" giving a complete twist to their music, orienting it towards electronica. Now, 3 years later they released this Ep with some remixes, covers and a couple of new tracks.

We could start an argue about whether this should be considered Metal or not, or we could debate about how come always are the Black Metal bands that turn into avant-garde, but seriously, use the forums and don't ruin my day.

Anyway, open your mind and come with me, let's enjoy the [View]

We start with a cover of 16 Horsepower, a band that I'm not familiar with, but this version of the band, has a little Solefald touch into it, mainly in the vocals, cool track. Next is a Remix by a guy named Dj Don Tomaso from an old song from Manes, I must say that this guys strips out every ounce of Metal (expect for some double bass pedals) from the song and converts it on a hypnotic, mystical trip-hop anthem, the tunes etches into your mind immediately. "The Neoflagelata Revision" has to be one of my favorite songs in this Ep, this is a new song, and it reflects exactly what Manes are doing, entangling electronics with heavier rhythms. Another remix enters the arena, this time under the hand of Cordell Killer, this guy converts another old song into a IDM piece entitled "Terminus Deconstructus" very mechanical, quite cold if you ask me.

Another new song is "Knife & Kleenex" this song is also quite good, but is more bland and I could dare to say, more "popish", but when the guitars enter things get a lot better. Next is "Title", I assume is a Manes song, although the only information about this song in the Cd is "somewhat inspired by Duran Duran", the good thing is that they didn't get it wrong, this do sound like Duran Duran at moments, but with heavier guitars. Last and least is another Remix by the same guy from before, Cordell Killer, "Terminus Dei Profundis" is complete excruciating pain from start to end, is somewhat IDM-ish Glitch music with a LOT of annoying white noise. Do as me and skip this one.

If you're in the mood for somewhat new, fresh and fun to listen, grab this one immediately. If you like projects like Aphex Twin you might wanna check this one out too. If you despise electronics you should go back to your basement to listen more evil stuff (and I bet the evilest thing in there is your dirty laundry), so, the lesson today is, don't be a fuckin' squarebox and try new things.

Written by Undercraft | 05.05.2006


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