Handful Of Hate - ViceCrown review


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Band: Handful Of Hate
Album: ViceCrown
Release date: 2003

01. I Hate
02. Beating Violence
03. Risen Into Abuse
04. Boldly Erected
05. Vexer's Kult
06. Carnal Spite (Held In Leash)
07. Hierarch In Lust
08. Catharsis In Punishment
09. Vicecrowned Order (Dobermann)

Handful Of Hate is a band that I've never heard of until the release of this, their third album so far, and their first under Italian label Code666.
The style is simple, unrelentless Black Metal, high pitched vocals, hyper fast songs with some mood swings and one or two surprises along the way,

The sound is more refined than more Black Metal bands, they're not going for the raw "in the forest" Black Metal sound, the album has overall good production, although is clearly that these guys don't want to reinvent the genre.

Is funny how is with this kind of Black Metal bands, because their faster songs (the way Black Metal should be) are the less interesting, songs that have mid tempos and a less accelerated atmosphere are the ones that stand out from the rest. Take for example, "Boldly Erected" the guitars have this middle-eastern touch in them, and the mid-paced song works way better than the fast ones. Another killer song is , the other one that is not so hyper fast, "Hierarch In Lust" , needless to say, another favorite of mine. In the category of typical songs, the ones that stand out are "Catharsis In Punishment" and "Risen Into Abuse".

As I said before, these guys aren't here to reinvent the genre, neither to stir the scene, they just released a fairly good Black Metal album, nothing new here, if you're drawn by the visual aspect, maybe you'll find this interesting, because the whole layout is pretty good, a little dark, but good.

I would recommend this for devoted Blacksters only, and for people that haven't heard a lot of Black Metal, because if you have listened many other Black Metal bands, you won't find anything new here.

Written by Undercraft | 05.10.2004


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