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Krigblåst - Power Till Demise review


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Band: Krigblåst
Album: Power Till Demise
Release date: July 2014

01. Burn It All
02. The Lies
03. Awaken The Nightmare
04. No Mockeries
05. Watch Them Die
06. Power Till Demise
07. Shattered Reflections
08. Destroy The Hive
09. Voices Of Wrath
10. Cut Through
11. The Kill
12. Fully Charged
13. A Vision For You
14. Transilvanian Hunger [Darkthrone cover]

Power Till Demise opens with an acoustic bit that sounds like a stripped version of Bathory's "Foreverdark Woods" and closes with a cover of "Transilvanian Hunger," but it's not a black or viking metal disc. Leave out a pretty negligible smattering of black-style chord progressions and you're left with crusty stuff almost exclusively.

Featuring members of D.R.I., Leftover Crack and Phobia, this thing reflects Krigblåst's supergroupishness, and in a good way. The common traps for big(ger)-name boasting ensemble bands were avoided; nothing about it sounds scrapped together or insincere or cash-grabby etc. etc. The hardcore core that links the bands from which they've come also links their sound here, and their sound sounds fully sound.

Power Till Demise frequently comes across as a well-formed love letter to Metal from some hardcore admirers. From the Manowar-/Underground Resistance-ish cover to the brothers-in-arms, asexual and totally, you know, agamogenetic and, you know, loquaciously fissiparous ethos of it all, and with songs named things like "Voices Of Wrath" and the title track, it all feels like a metal album.

Sonically, there's not much that's novel or thought-provoking about what they did on this, but Krigblåst play forcefully enough and the overall mix is robust enough to ignore that fact. This isn't an album to dissect and jot down notes about, it's one to down a couple 40s and tornado around in a pit to. So no complaints really, exceedingly passable album here.


Written on 03.08.2014 by Wormdrink's real name is George and he's an American.

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