Nunslaughter - Angelic Dread review


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Band: Nunslaughter
Album: Angelic Dread
Release date: June 2014

Disc I
01. Angelic Dread
02. Looking Into The Abyss
03. Twisted Spirit
04. Crush The Guff
05. Inner Beast
06. The Lycanthrope
07. Blood Drinker
08. God
09. Doomtown
10. Don't Mourn For Me
11. Infested
12. Coffins And Crosses
13. Three Nails, One Liar
14. Death Beyond The Gallows
15. One Bad Bitch

Disc II
01. Emperor In Hell
02. God Has Lied
03. The Bog People
04. Shadow World
05. Healing The Possessed
06. It Is I
07. Phantom
08. In The Graveyard
09. Black Horn Of The Ram
10. Ouija
11. Atheist Ways
12. Cerebus
13. Sickened By The Sight Of Christ
14. Driving Out The Demons
15. Midnight Mass
16. Deathlehem

Ok, so I've been living alone for a month and nobody pays me a visit. This led me to use my time watching a shit-ton of movie classics I've never seen before because I'm lazy and uncultured. Evil Dead II from 1987 was one of them. Yeah, I know. I suck. Anyway, I had a point here… uuuh. Oh yeah! Nunslaughter also has its origins way back in 1987 and for some reason I never checked them out despite their huge discography and the whole thing sounding good… On paper, that is.

You see, I'm all down for the old, raw and no-bullshit marriage of death and thrash metal. Many bands, both veterans and newcomers, seem to do it nicely despite the genre being as original as, well… an old marriage. It just boils down to good songwriting and performance. Even within an unoriginal genre you can still shake things up a little with tempo changes, hooks, cowbell, etc. This is not the case here though and to think these guys have been around for nearly 3 decades... They truly are the extreme metal version of Korpiklaani.

The conflict I have is that I actually liked this album on the first run. Particularly during the first 2-3 songs. The riffs have that lovely morbid and chunky chainsaw sound with plenty of catchy and groovy moments. The drums, while nothing special, provide the essential blasting savagery and finally, the vocals are furious and in-your-face… But the whole thing just loses steam after the first couple of songs because it can only keep you pumped for that long.

It kind of makes sense now that they have way more EPs than full lengths in their discography and that the average song is barely over two minutes. Also, a double album? Even though the second part is a collection of songs from a handful of EPs and splits, it just adds to the fact that the poor dead horse was beaten beyond recognition. Everyone who enjoys their old school extreme metal should check this out though… if only for the first ten mins.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Production: 8


Written on 04.09.2014 by An extremely lazy reviewer but he's so cute you'd forgive him for it.


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06.09.2014 - 02:51
Giant robot
Yeah, Nemslaughter being Nemslaughter. Saw them live some time ago, because the venue paid me in tickets rather than in real money for some job I did for them. I wish I could get those 15 euros back. It was exactly as you said, good for ten minutes.
06.09.2014 - 06:03
Troy Killjoy
I gave up on trying to like these guys after I enjoyed one of their demos or EPs that I don't remember. Tried a handful of other stuff and just... meh. Not even gonna bother with this one.
Prettier than BloodTears.

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