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Charon - Downhearted review


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Band: Charon
Album: Downhearted
Release date: 2002

01. Bitter Joy
02. At The End Of Our Day
03. Craving
04. Little Angel
05. Fall
06. Erase Me
07. Desire You
08. Come Tonight
09. All I Care Is Dying
10. Sister Misery
11. Sorrowsong

While on the second album, Tearstained, Sentenced's influence was obvious, what we have here can be classified somewhere halfway between Sentenced and HIM. But make no mistake - it's not your fucking "love metal"! On Downhearted heavy riffs are not sacrificed for the sake of more melodic sound. Still sounding heavy and aggressive, this album still somehow manages to capture this melancholic atmosphere finnish bands are known for... Incredible and catchy vocal lines, perfect arrangements, songs filled with deep emotions - dark and bitter sweet, but in no way cheesy; beautiful female back vocals on almost every track - just about everything you can expect from a gothic metal album, you'll find here.

Take any song from here - and you've got an instant hit (well, at least in Finland)! Damn, this thing is catchy as hell - it's been rotating in my head since the 2 listen (and I don't mind it at all!). A great alternative to this awfully annoying "...and then I got high" which was holding this place before This album is better than both Sentenced and HIM, it's better than any other gothic album I've heard and it definitely will be one of the best albums of the year 2002. 10 great songs with not even a minor flaw + one absolutely amazing teardropping ballad closing the CD and leaving you longing for more - yep, 43 minutes are clearly not enough... OK, I guess I'll have have to play it again - for the 5th time in a row...

Ladies and gentlemen: The Perfect Gothic Album!

Written by Ivan | 07.01.2004



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26.09.2007 - 15:57
Just recently got to know this band and I'm amazed with this album! How could I miss this one for such a long time?

I agree with Ivan, the perfect gothic album is here!
17.01.2009 - 03:35
The Sasquatch
This album was dusting in my collection until recently... what a great album!
19.05.2012 - 13:02
This album is amazing!!!! Sentenced are better for sure, but this is album rocks!
Things will be ok in the end!
05.08.2012 - 21:19
Cyborg Raptor
First Staff review Ive seen to get a 10!

I have to agree that its a great album but I dont think its 10 worthy. The melodies are very nice, songs perfect parts catchy and heavy and the lyrics and vocals are indeed perfect. But the one thing I have a problem with is it is a little homogenous. There was a couple times during the album where Id be listening to a chorus and think "didnt I just hear this song last track?" also the song structure for most songs are the same; start with melody and instruments in full swing, then verse hits and song slows down tempo with a more mellow riff while vox begin etc etc.

Though regardless of the flaws it is still a great album and no doubt top-quality Suomi.
pewpew.. gotcha
06.08.2012 - 04:59
Troy Killjoy
Written by AngelofDeth on 05.08.2012 at 21:19
First Staff review Ive seen to get a 10!

There are quite a few kickin' around here actually, mostly from pre-2006, but there were still some scored perfectly after that. The most recent one I can think of is... maybe Daniel's review of one of Nevermore's albums. Although I think Baz may have dished out a 10 semi-recently.
Prettier than BloodTears.

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