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Eros Necropsique - Crises De Lucidite review


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Band: Eros Necropsique
Album: Crises De Lucidite
Release date: 2003

01. Le Commencement D'Une Fin
02. La Fable Du Lisier
03. Le Nécrophile
04. Reflets D'Univers
05. Ce Que Charie Le Flot De Vie
06. La Voix
07. La Pluie D'Or
08. Alcool

"Eros Necropsique" is a Dark Symphonic Goth metal band from France. Formed by Olivier [Voices and Keyboards] and Cof [Bass].
I must warn you this band is very particular! Here I prefer talking about poems than songs.
Yes you understand, "Crise De Lucidité" is more a collection of poems than a real music album.

So I could say this cd didn't transcend me. The music is very poor, with only some parts of bass and keyboards. This is not bad but not very original and not very technical, one has already heard that a lot of times.
The music is poor right but there is however a good point with this production, the lyrics.
Because, the lyrics of Olivier are great. The texts are dark, very disturbing and very well written. But the texts are in French and thus, it cannot be heard by many people. In the end the potential listeners will not be very numerous.
It quickly becomes boring and all your will will be requested to listen this cd one more time.

Well this is not very convincing. "Eros Necropsique" is a too much underground band. It's not a problem, but it could be good if their next production could be more easily accessible. Only a few people could be interested. A pity because these guys had a good potential of writing.
Try it if you want something strange, I'm sure that there are amateurs of this kind of music for my part I prefer to forget this album…

Written by Jeff | 05.10.2003


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