Gary Moore - Live At The Monster Of Rock review


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Band: Gary Moore
Album: Live At The Monster Of Rock
Release date: 2003

01. Shapes Of Things
02. Wishing Well
03. Rectify
04. Guitar Intro
05. Stand Up
06. Just Can't Let You Go
07. Walking By Myself
08. Don't Believe A Word
09. Out In The Fields
10. Parisienne Walkways

I will not be very long with this review, just because it's very hard to say something new on Mr. Gary Moore and more especially something against this fantastic record.

Recorded live on the Monsters of Rock tour 2003, at the SECC, Glasgow, May 22nd, 2003, with Gary Moore[Vocals/Guitar], Cass Lewis [Bass/Backing vocals] and Darrin Mooney [Drums]. This live album is perfect… I don't exagerate the sound is fantastic [with no overdubs] all the tracks rock as hell the public is very present and woawwww!!! What a guitar hero !!!
Gary Moore is great and this "Live" Album shows us how the master can be a genius. I can't say something wrong really with this "Live", because even if Gary Moore is perfect, his two musicians Cass Lewis and Darrin Mooney are also great. Big lines of bass and drums and perfect sound for the both…
The only regret with this album is certainly the number of tracks [only 10] but you know like me that the "Monsters of Rock" is a festival and then all the bands can't play 2 hours… It's a shame because we want more!!! But we have, even so, 63 min of pure happiness…

Well nothing to say more…[Ho yes the legendary track "Parisienne Walkways" is also on the cd…]
If you like big guitars solo if you like real Rock n Roll music with a big crunchy sound. If you don't know Gary Moore [Shame on you!], if you think that only heavy guitar metal players know how to use a guitar… Try this album I can bet a beer with you that if you're open minded [and If you are not a stupid uneducated music lover] that you would agree with me.
It's perfect, fantastic, grandiose etc etc etc. And if you think that's not near of Metal just listen "Out In The Field"…
Like an "Irish Tour" of Rory Gallagher, an "If You Want Blood" of AC/DC this "Live" album could be a legend…Hey guys, don't forget, it's this kind of artists and recording who makes us listen and love Metal today.

Written by Jeff | 13.10.2003



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06.12.2012 - 19:06
Awesome,my hero at its best! Thank you Gary for everything rest in peace
forever playing your guitars.

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