Transcending Bizarre? - The Four Scissors review


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Band: Transcending Bizarre?
Album: The Four Scissors
Release date: 2003

01. Sattelite Souls (Intro)
02. Dessicated
03. A New Saturn
04. The 4 Scissors
05. Entering Release
06. Coils (0.618…)
07. Diaphragm Closed%
08. x xx X
09. Wolves Mays Safely Graze
10. To A Heaven In Thick Fog

"Transcending Bizarre?" is a young band coming from Greece. Formed in 2000 and after 2 promo CDs, Transcending Bizarre? became a "real" band with their first album "The Four Scissors" in June 2003 under the label SleazyRider Records. It's very hard to present TB? because this band is just unique. They used to make a technical Death/Black Metal with a lot of Electro parts. And yes it's new, fresh, uncommon and at the end, this scientific mix gives a fantastic and very promising debut album.

When I received this CD, I must admit that I didn't know what I was going to hear. Electro Black Metal… Strange! There are not many productions in this music style, but why not? The first track "Sattelite Souls" began, and I was pleasantly surprised by this disturbing introduction with a lot of electronic sounds and a general ambience extremely dark and oppressive. But I was only at the beginning of my surprises, because when the 2nd track began I was completely dazzled by this excellent song. A powerful and technical Symphonic Black/Death Metal with a ravaging guitar riff and an excellent Death/Black voice. But that's not all, after 1:30 minutes of music the voice of Maria appeared and woaw! What a voice! Because there is a lot of orchestrations in TB? they don't only use classic metal instruments but also violin, piano in addition to the beautiful voice of Maria and the result is just perfect.
But now, let's talk about the Electro parts of "The Four Scissors" maybe some of us [the purists]can be afraid by this. But I promise you the Electronic sounds [some samples, etc.] are completely integrated in the music and that's sound really good. Maybe you could find this very disturbing. Yes, with TB? a song can be Electronic, and become Symphonic[with violin and female voice] 30 seconds later.
It is a problem? No, and personally I just find this excellent.
About the musicians, there's no doubt we have great guys, Dim [guitars] can play great guitars solos Peter [drums] is also excellent and I could say the same thing for the others members.
About the production of the album, we are not in Finland with a guy like Jussila, but why? No need of him because "The Four Scissors" has a very good sound, the voices are very audible, same thing for the instruments no one is stronger than the others and the mixing is also very good, we have a very powerful sound. A very good work for this first CD.
At the end, I will just speak about the artwork, which is totally in the spirit of Transcending Bizarre? completely deranged and, once again, for a first CD I must just admit that there was a beautiful effort for the booklet. Well this guys don't half done the work…. Great!

Transcending Bizarre? is a very unique band with their own style, and "The Four Scissors" can be considerate as a masterpiece. Because they have a great originality, they can [they must] be a real big band on the metal scene. Yes they are not in the classic tendency but where 's the problem? To the opposite with "The Four Scissors" we have something new and something that one not already has listened 200 times.
I can just recommend this album, seriously Black Metal lovers, Melodic Death Metal lovers, and guys who love Industrial music [well everyone in fact] will be transcended by this magnificent and unique album sometimes lyric sometimes totally heavy with a pure frenetic tempo but at the end always excellent.
Definitely one of the revelations of the year.

Written by Jeff | 14.10.2003



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14.11.2008 - 21:25
Unasuming Madnes
It may take a few listen throughs to get the full breadth of this album. What originally would seem bland and contrive eventually (after becoming more familiar with the music) becomes epic and awe inspiring. The entire rhythm section seem to each have there moments in the spotlight, but the biggest draw here are the synthesizers and the female voice. They just add a whole nother layer to the music. The male singer is also just seemingly perfect for the music, as he just perfectly exemplifies the violent mayhem of space. Despite the imperfect production, your never really treated to a wall of sound (a la Unexpect) due to the production not being able to pick upe everything. If your a fan of either advent garde or symphonic metal this album will be perfect for you.
29.05.2010 - 18:48
Account deleted
Still my favourite album of the symphonic avant-garde/black metal/whatever subgenre. A completely wacky, bombastic and compelling piece of music. It just does everything right without being alienating in the slightest.

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