Onethirtyeight - Bring Out Your Living review

Band: Onethirtyeight
Album: Bring Out Your Living
Release date: 2003

01. Bring Out Your Living
02. The Crooked Song
03. Ourang Outang

Second chance for Dark project Onethirtyeight, first effort was really good, really creepy and scary, this time things are not so different; first of all, the artwork has improved a lot! Really creepy stuff, not to mention that the Cd came wrapped in a spider web! (fake one, but still, nice detail).

3 tracks again, but this time the Cd last longer, maybe Dan138 (creator and mastermind of Onethirtyeight) read my last review and followed my advice? (I told him to make the tracks longer).

Anyway, "Bring Out Your Living" is the opener track, a women whispers, "Wait, they're coming" then, hordes of undead in the horizon, moving slowly, reclaiming living people, "Bring Out Your Living, bring out relatives, your children, your brother, your sisters, your mothers" a gloomy piano takes over the voices of the dead…
This song is a twist on the phrase "Bring out your dead", used during the black plague by priest collecting the dead, except here, the dead collect the living, this scene is seen by a young woman from her bedroom window…

"The Crooked Song" slow acoustic notes and creepy chants follow the cry of a man, a truly waltz for the dead, piano appears again here… the man keeps crying…
More acoustic experimentation in "Ourang-Outang" a beach town, people commenting, a murder has taken place on the shores of the beach… is not the first time, it's happened again, people are dying, the body on the shore was naked on the sand, unrolled his arms, uncurled his hands…

After hearing 3 more songs from Dan138 I'm convinced that I want a full length, the atmosphere he can create is awesome, this really is scary stuff, believe me, now I walk away with trepidation, fearing that the dead might knock my door collecting the living…

Written by Undercraft | 26.09.2004


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