Ravenclaw / Svarrogh - Baxas Xebesheth 1883 / Zalgirio Music [Split] review

Band: Ravenclaw / Svarrogh
Album: Baxas Xebesheth 1883 / Zalgirio Music [Split]
Release date: 2003

Svarrogh [Baxas Xebesheth 1883]
01. Baxas Xebesheth 1883
02. Welkes Schwarz
03. Breathing Kathaarian Dust
04. Die Hämische Pein
05. Potoceta Nemirni (Part 1)
06. Am Nebelhain
07. Sa Lebedi I Vrani
08. Tyzhen Dyzhd

Ravenclaw [Zalgirio Music]
09. Kovos Su Kryziuocials
10. Nuolatinial Karo Zygial
11. Lietuvial Nepasiduoda
12. Zutbutinis Musis
13. Pergale
14. Pabaiga

This is a split, so, as always, each half by separate.

Ravenclaw - Zalgirio Musis (Folk Ambient)
Yep, you're right is that name from Harry potter, that underrated house from Hogwarts, but this Ravenclaw has nothing to do with Harry potter or any of his companions, as a matter of fact has little to do this metal…

Ravenclaw is like go into some Nordic woods and hearing the voices of the gods, eh? yep, this is pure atmospheric music, reminds me of Vangelis in a more creepy way, but is great, don't be fooled by the lack of "Metal" instruments, this can be really mind-blowing if you're in the mood, of course is you want to headbang a little, skip this right away, because you'll get atmospheric sounds, flutes, acoustic guitars and other folk elements. I'm sure this is what a Viking would hear in his spare time.

Rating 7/10

Svarrogh - Baxas Xebesheth 1883 (black Metal)
Definitively I'm the wrong guy to review this type of music, this is basically cheap produced Black Metal, or so I thought at the beginning, but I was really surprised with some folk breaks here and there, some flutes, spoken parts, gave to the band an Epic feel, but still, this is not my cup of tea.

Maybe all of you blacksters should give this a try, got some great moments, but overall, is too bad produced too me. The folk elements are the nicest addiction here, but still it dooesnt't make up for the lack of creativity in some compositions. I would like this band with good production, with a full length, and good cover art. (I hate black n white Covers)

Rating 5/10

Written by Undercraft | 10.11.2003


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