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Nanowar Of Steel - Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel review


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Band: Nanowar Of Steel
Album: Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel
Release date: July 2003

01. True Metal Of Steel
02. Metal
03. The True Forest Of The Only True Metal And The Other Heavy Minerals
04. Our Metal Is So Strong 'Cos Our Dick Is So Long
05. Master Of Pizza [Metallica cover]
06. Emerald Fork [Rhapsody cover]
07. Poser
08. Vai Gatto Panceri

2005 reissue bonus tracks:
09. Our Ska Is So Strong 'Cos Our Dick Is So Long [live]
10. Poser [live]
11. Jazzerlad Fork [live]
12. The True Forrest / Vai Gatto Panceri - Medley [live]
13. Master Of Pizza [live]

+ True Metal Of Steel [video]

The world has befallen and the planet is condemned to wither, the kingdom is haunted by an evil force, the princess has been kidnapped by a dragon, the mighty sword lies beyond the gray planes of hope, the chosen one has come to fulfill the prophecy, the magic key to unlock the secret fortress lies beyond the desert of despair, the mighty wizard will give you the clues to defeat the evil overlord… so many plotlines, and all have been used before… by a foul genre that relies on one thing… The True Metal Of Steel!!!!

Finally has come a band to dethrone all of those false acts claiming to be true warriors! Nanowar in tha' house! The true warriors of steel present us their second piece of work filled with heroic pieces of true Metal, straight from the true forest of the only true metal and other heavy minerals!

The band relies strongly in their meaningful lyrics. I want to quote some songs that changed my life with the deepness of their lyrics, like "Our Metal Is So Strong 'Cos Our Dick Is So Long" there's this part that says:

"Get some more viagra, to power our long dicks
we are all gay but Halford is with us"

or there's "Poser", and I quote:

"You don't know the difference between Metallica and Iron Maiden poser,
you have the t-shirt of Reload
And you don't know the difference between Bruce Dickinson and Blaze Bayley poser,
you like virtual XI"

This true mighty warriors also offer us 2 cover songs, "Master Of Pizza" inspired in the mighty and magical "Master Of Puppets" and "Emerald Fork" based on the heroic, steel-ish super ultra TRUE Metal piece "Emerald Sword", tributes to the heroes that inspired the mightiness in these young warriors.

With no more further ado I present to the world, NANOWAR!! Really true true Heavy Metal from the forest of the true.. (you know the rest)
It was about time that someone came and mock at all those Metal warriors, die by the mighty sword of Nanowar!!!

Written by Undercraft | 10.12.2004



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29.09.2009 - 13:32
Heaven Knight
I accept them for trying to make fun from some "cvlt" bands, but imo they are failing...i think i can stand criticism, i think i can stand someone making fun of my fav bands, but i cant stand the kind of music Nanowar is doing...
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16.03.2010 - 20:32
Unasuming Madnes
Surprisingly unfunny. Its like there trying WAY too hard to be funny and failing miserably. I'll take my Psychostick, crotchduster, or should i say, dethklok, if I want my comedy metal.
16.03.2010 - 21:16
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by Paradox0 on 16.03.2010 at 20:32

Surprisingly unfunny. Its like there trying WAY too hard to be funny and failing miserably. I'll take my Psychostick, crotchduster, or should i say, dethklok, if I want my comedy metal.

Agreed. I saw Nanowar Of Steel live last year and then they are even unfunnier. Totally horrendous tbh
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16.03.2010 - 22:14
Never heard this, but i gotta say i do like a couple of the songs i've heard off their other release... in-True, Tricycles Of Steel and the INtro the power of the great sword/power of the great sword. those were amusing. the rest, well, not so much.

even then it is still funny that a cheesy, unfunny band exists to poke fun at another cheesy, unintentionally funny band that takes itself way too seriously.
get the fuck off my lawn.

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