Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos review


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Band: Children Of Bodom
Album: I Worship Chaos
Release date: October 2015

01. I Hurt
02. My Bodom (I Am The Only One)
03. Morrigan
04. Horns
05. Prayer For The Afflicted
06. I Worship Chaos
07. Hold Your Tongue
08. Suicide Bomber
09. All For Nothing
10. Widdershins
11. Mistress Of Taboo [Plasmatics cover] [Digipack bonus]
12. Danger Zone [Kenny Loggins cover] [Digipack bonus]
13. Black Winter Day [Amorphis cover] [Digipack bonus]
14. Cruel Summer [Bananarama cover] [Japanese Edition bonus]

It was a long, dark, and stormy night of the soul for Children Of Bodom as they wandered, fazed and abused, through the creative wasteland for 40 years. Pardon my mixed metaphors. 2013's Halo Of Blood came as a shock, being not only a much better album than anything from the previous decade, but also quite a good album on its own merits. I Worship Chaos does nothing of the sort.

Children Of Bodom have lost a lot of things over the years - classical influences, technicality, originality, Alexander Kuoppala, fans, respect - but I Worship Chaos uncovers how detrimental the loss of speed and energy has been to Bodom as well. Half of these songs resemble classic Bodom listlessly strung along at a fraction of the speed, the slower tempo draining them of impact, power, and any sense of importance. Bodom used to sound fierce, chaotic, and sharp; now they drift aimlessly throwing braindead riffs against the wall to see if something sticks. The first single from the album, "Morrigan," promised nothing, and nothing is what I Worship Chaos has delivered. The title sure is edgy, but the album is pointless.

Lose the Nightwish keys weeping in the background and the title track reduces to something accidentally over-written by an American groove metal band; "Suicide Bomber" sounds like it was computer-generated from all the leftover bits of previous Bodom albums, like some kind of incredibly bland musical hot dog. Only the uncharacteristically balladic "All For Nothing" breaks up the solid brick of disappointment that comprises the second half of the album, but largely for its singularity in the Bodom archives rather than for its musical merit.

Whatever "new album smell" might have accompanied I Worship Chaos fades away rapidly; by the second time through, "I Hurt" and "Horns," sufficiently interesting and enjoyable the first time around, start to fall into the chasm of mild irritation where the rest of the album dwells. "Prayer For The Afflicted" alone sustains itself through repeated plays - but, as a slower-paced and relatively low-energy journey, it doesn't pack enough punch to save the album. I'll still enjoy coming back to it, and perhaps "All For Nothing" now and then, but all I really want to do when I hear most of these tracks is throw on Something Wild and pretend that it's the new album instead.

To be fair, I Worship Chaos still represents some marginal improvement from Children Of Bodom's "lost weekend" - it just isn't half the album that Halo Of Blood is, and as good as Halo Of Blood is itself, it will never be Hatebreeder. Boring Bodom isn't bad Bodom, it's just boring Bodom. The more I repeat this, the more Halo Of Blood improves its standing in my assessment of the band's career. Maybe we'll get lucky and after two more yet-worse albums Bodom will crank out something that briefly recaptures their old glory again.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Production: 7


Written on 24.12.2015 by I'm the reviewer, and that means my opinion is correct.


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24.12.2015 - 04:19
Good review and accurate, sadly
24.12.2015 - 12:41
A staff guy...
This reads about like I imagined the album would be (no, I haven't checked it out, because, yes, this review perfectly sums up my imaginations of it).

If you want "new old school-style Bodom" then go check out the SunLess Rise debut that just dropped last month. It's far superior to everything Bodom have done since Hate Crew Deathroll, and might even be superior to Hate Crew Deathroll (but not superior to Something Wild, Hatebreeder or Follow The Reaper); it's almost like what one might expect from a Bodom reunion album if Bodom had broken up after Alexander's departure and were making a come back after over a decade of silence.
~Zep, Database and Forum Moderation~

24.12.2015 - 22:41
Very riff-oriented album by CoB standards. Even some of their other newer albums had a few songs built around melodic keyboard leads, but alas, such songs are nowhere to be found on this one.

I enjoy tracks 1, 6, 7, and 8 well enough. The rest ranges from mediocre to slightly above mediocre.
I lift weights and listen to metal
25.12.2015 - 01:11
Bad English
I think its best album after Follow The Reaper and band pick up strong song to cover and also legend goes on, they put Bodom name in song titrle, so far one album has not it
here is My Bodom (I Am The Only One)
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
25.12.2015 - 02:01
Stamp Tramp
I think I'm one of the few who listens to Are You Dead Yet the most of all of them. That and Hate Crew Deathroll
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25.12.2015 - 08:16
A staff guy...
You would defo be of the few. Lol. I think most of us, like myself, typically stick to primarily, if not only, the first 3, with occasional, and sparse, revisits of HCDR.
~Zep, Database and Forum Moderation~

25.12.2015 - 08:44
Written by flightoficarus on 25.12.2015 at 02:01

I think I'm one of the few who listens to Are You Dead Yet the most of all of them. That and Hate Crew Deathroll

HCDR is my all time favorite Bodom record (although I've been really big on Hatebreeder lately), and AYDY is actually the album that got me into them.
I lift weights and listen to metal
25.12.2015 - 18:55
Exactly how I feel about this album, it is decent, but far from the force that "Halo of Blood" was. There were 2 things I loved about this album. 1. the track "Prayer of The Afflicted" and 2. the album cover. The rest is meh
Metalhead, reviewer, long haired bastard, Swede, dingus
27.12.2015 - 05:22
I expect "Something Wild" will remain my no.1 CoB album permanently..
"Follow the Reaper" is definitely my 2nd favorite from them.

A lot has changed over the years..
A lot of bands have been looking for commercial profit (i.e. Nightwish & more) with the result breaking up bands.
Tristania, In Flames (and loads more) have disbanded their original style to become more popular.
Unfortunately CoB went throught the same drain..
"Ein wahrer Krieger ist immer vorbereitet auf den Tod - ob eigene oder jemand anderes.. "
27.12.2015 - 23:18
The same as always, I'll never get why so many people complains about CoB music. I enjoy everyone of their albums so much.
28.12.2015 - 13:12
Account deleted
Fuckin' 6,2??? No way. This album is their best since 'Follow The Reaper', man. I do respect your own opinion, but, no, this album is way better than their previous, 'Halo of Blood'. So, ok, then 6,2 it's a little harshy, don't you think. They're a legendary band. Give them at least 6.7 or better. Yes, they're not a black metal band, but I respect their own music. I do like, no, I do adore black metal as you as well. So, cheers, buddy. \m/

Cheers from San Francisco, CA
Robert W. Radcliffe, Rob
07.01.2016 - 16:08
I liked this album! I think that Alexi it' s never trivial with his riffs.
11.01.2016 - 22:08
Written by Guest on 28.12.2015 at 13:12

They're a legendary band. Give them at least 6.7 or better.

So, your logic is that just because they're a "legendary" band, they deserve a higher rating? Are you even hearing yourself? So many "legendary" bands (I hesitate to use that word here because I personally question whether CoB can be described as such) have had a shitty album or two. You're gonna give them a higher rating just because the band itself has a higher standing? That quite literally makes no sense, dude. And the fact that you're calling it "the best since Follow the Reaper," yet you only yield it to a 6.7 really makes me question your thought process in anything you just wrote.
17.01.2016 - 05:14
Account deleted
So, buddy, which album you think that is the best after 'Follow The Reaper'? Metallica are legendary as well, but 'Lulu' took 2.2/10 as an average vote worldwide.
18.01.2016 - 07:41
Spirit of dead
Very accurate review. Halo of Blood was so promising and this seems like a backwards step. It's soooo stale and boring!

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