Therion - Secret Of The Runes review


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Band: Therion
Album: Secret Of The Runes
Release date: 2001

01. Ginnungagap (Prologue)
02. Midgård
03. Asgård
04. Jotunheim
05. Schwarzalbenheim
06. Ljusalfheim
07. Muspelheim
08. Nifelheim
09. Vanaheim
10. Helheim
11. Secret Of The Runes (Epilogue)
12. Crying Days [Scorpions cover]
13. Summernight City [ABBA cover]

I knew it! Since I listened to the last Nightwish [Century Child] and didn't enjoy it too much... Something was missing. Now listening to Secret Of The Runes, I have the answer: thrash metal! For those who don't know Therion, I can say that it's the perfect combination of symphonic metal and thrash metal. Therion's frontman and founder, Christofer Johnsson, is a real genius. I understand now that he claims to be the founder of symphonic metal, a long time before Nightwish [In fact, the band has started playing symphonic since the album Theli in 1996]. Honestly, Secret Of The Runes is my first Therion album but I want to do the review because I've just found what I was looking for since the discovery of symphonic metal... Unlike the Finnish band, Therion uses a full choir registry - including tenors, sopranos, altos and baritons - as lead vocalists. Even if I love Tarja's voice, it's clear that the result is different here. One other difference is the fact that Therion uses a 'real' orchestra [violins, violas, cellos, flutes, trumpets, horns, ...] instead of keyboards and flute. These are the differences between Therion and Nightwish on the symphonic aspect of their music but, of course, the main difference is that Therion has also gothic thrash metal backgrounds. Well, I hope you understand that, in my mind, Nightwish and Therion sound very different! But let's talk about Therion now! Concretely, Secret Of The Runes is a concept album about Nordic mythology. That's why it contains songs with such names as 'Asgard' or 'Midgard'.

The opening track 'Ginnugagap' is about the creation of the universe [according to Nordic myths]. It's the best opening track I've ever heard: symphonies are coming from everywhere, huge main melody, loud guitars, perfect opera vocals... This song is the magical door of the album: you enter into another world. The world of perfect marriage of heaven and hell [symphony and metal]. 'Midgard' is about the "world of man" [i.e. mankind]. It starts with an epic and gothic vocal performance, both male and female, and a gorgeous melody is - once again - the main point of this song. Acoustic guitars, string ensemble and flutes comprise the rest. The song concludes with a huge guitar solo. Innovation, perfection. Let me say that if mankind sounds like that, well, that's cool! Here comes 'Asgard' with its magnificent beginning [guitars, alternating female/male lead vocals and female background vocals]. It sounds heavenly and that's logical because 'Asgard' is about the "world of Gods" [i.e. Heaven of course!]. In my mind, one of the best songs on Secret Of The Runes. 'Jotunheim' [the "world of giants"] starts with strange vocals and is obviously bizarre from the beginning to the end. Even the guitar parts are weird here. Still interesting. Now, what's on after the world of giants? The world of dwarves and black elves, of course! 'Schwarzalbenheim' is clearly the most "opera sounding" track. Gothic, dark atmosphere, pure low male vocals, lyrics in German [like "true opera"!]. Unique.

After the underground world, let's travel to the world of elves and fairies: 'Ljusalfheim'. My favorite song of the album. Most pure female vocals ever, acoustic guitars, and to conclude the song: a guitar solo followed by a violin solo followed by another guitar solo... What else is there to say? Pure art, that's what 'Ljusalfheim' is all about. A new theme, a new song 'Muspelheim', the forces of chaos and destruction. Perfectly musically designed in a short track [2:14 minutes of symphonic chaos]. Wonderful, too. Here the lyrics are in Swedish [I think!]. Still in Swedish, 'Nifelheim', the world of ice [logically so...]. Life is slowly coming into existence here due to the fire of Muspel [previous song]. Nice song, lyrically perfect, however, maybe not as interesting as the other tracks on Secret Of The Runes. 'Vanaheim' is about an old cast of Gods [the ones who "bring life to the arable and pasture lands"]. Mesmerizing track: guitars and vocals - as usual - but also drums and bass guitar. There is also a guitar solo a la Sonata Arctica at the end of the song. No doubt, we are in the presence of Gods. After the "good Gods", what's more logical than talking about the evil ones? 'Helheim' is about the goddess of death and fulfillment. Lyrics in Swedish, once again, dark vocals, maybe the best song to hear the bass player of Therion [Johan Niemann]. Some vocal parts almost sound like a Russian opera.

Finally, the eponymous track is about the secret of the runes [sure!]. According to Nordic mythology, "when you learn the secret of the runes your eyes shall open and you will become a god". This ending track has a very special atmosphere, too. From darkness to light. Vocals still amazing, music still dazzling. I love that song. It's kind of an obsessing theme in my head. If you are a lucky metalhead, you can get the limited digipack release of Secret Of The Runes with two bonustracks: 'Crying Days' [Scorpions cover] and 'Summernight City' [ABBA cover!]. These ones have the particularity to be the only songs on the album on which Christofer Johnsson is singing along with the choir. 'Crying Days' is a slow one but a good one too while 'Summernight City' is in the tone of the whole album. Maybe the most powerful song on the record.

Conclusion? This album is a jewel, let me tell you! Symphonic thrash metal rules! Secret Of The Runes is now one of my favorite albums. It has symphonies of classic operas plus thrash metal music. For newcomers, Therion could sound like Iced Earth playing opera with an army of Tarjas and Eric Claytons singing but it's more than that! Secret Of The Runes is musical perfection.


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11.07.2006 - 19:20
The Alchemist
Really good review Dream_Taster , perfect to someone who wants to know about this jewel in metal.

I really love this album, with all the elements, specially the main idea: Mythology, the great variety of instruments employed and the worderful choirs of course!
I have to admit that I didn't know what the songs meant, all the myths about Gods, the world creation, the fairies, elves... it sounds really interesting.

And as for the choirs, they're one of the best ones in metal, just perfect and a great variety of voices like you said, the ones I like the most are the ones employed in: "Midgard", "Asgard" and "Summernight City", one of the extra songs. This song is indeed, the most powerful one in the whole album, not only for the choirs, but for the musical arrangement, just perfect.

Therion has many good albums, for me, specially the melodic ones, but I think that The Secrets Of The Runes is the best, just for the choirs... you don't find such an excellent work everywhere and well, the musical arrangement is perfect.

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Sensorium - Epica
11.07.2006 - 19:55
Excellent review Dream Taster! I agree, this is one of Therion's finest works Personally, it's my 2nd favourite but it's arguably their "best" work in general. *goes off to listen to it....*
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15.09.2006 - 23:11
I agree with the rating This album is just perfect !!
24.09.2006 - 02:41
I was actually expecting more from it, but I guess that was my problem. I thought they were going to play with a full orchestra, not just indivdual instruments that an orchestra uses. Anyways, I still like this album. The men's choir gives this album a nice atmosphere, but I really don't like the female opera vocals.
20.04.2007 - 22:51
^^^ haha I'm fucking stupid. This album rules my life right now.
23.04.2007 - 05:09
Bitch Boy
Wow this is one of the best reviews I've read here. I liked it as much as I like the album, one of Therion's very best.
24.04.2007 - 01:10
Dream Taster
The Enemy Within
Thanks Bitch Boy, 6 years later and I am still hooked by this album. Simply amazing.
13.05.2007 - 14:29
When I close my eyes listening to this album it is like being back in Norway again, seeing the majestic landscapes unfold in front of me... :-)
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26.06.2007 - 20:02
Danny Thomas
very good review. i love the vocals on vanaheim
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16.12.2007 - 01:01
Written by Mertal on 13.05.2007 at 14:29

When I close my eyes listening to this album it is like being back in Norway again, seeing the majestic landscapes unfold in front of me... :-)

indeed, I think this wonderful album is best listened to in Norway under open skies
26.04.2008 - 19:00
man awesome review Therion really fucking awesome awesome shit

fuck nightwish Therion rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29.07.2008 - 13:46
The impact of Therion was with Theli, but i preferred this album of them all
29.07.2008 - 18:30
Jason W.
It will never top "Vovin" for me, but this album is equally as well done and passionate. Inspiring review
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30.03.2009 - 01:48
The Shooter
Written by Metalhead2 on 26.04.2008 at 19:00

man awesome review Therion really fucking awesome awesome shit

fuck nightwish Therion rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree!!!!
19.04.2011 - 16:51
Favourite album of Therion.

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