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Falling Silence - Another Day, Another Dollar review

Band: Falling Silence
Album: Another Day, Another Dollar
Release date: 2004

01. Intro
02. Wars
03. Silence After Controversy
04. Killing Innocence
05. Dog's Life
06. The Same Way For Everyone
07. One Against All
08. Special Thanks To The Shit
09. Trapailleros Forajidos
10. Lost Animals

Yeah they're back! Damn. Last time I had to deal with this band, the outcomes weren't too positive. Neither for me nor them. Now I have their latest promo and my hard labor as a reviewer starts now. Damn again. For the record, I don't like this band, they mix Nu-Metal with alternative music and some Metal... I think. The singer is a lady that has that angst driven vocals that are so common in Nu Metal, backed by a guy who screams and shouts I don't know what to the poor microphone.

Search the archives of the site, and you'll find another review of Falling silence, also written by me, read it through, I'll wait.



Cool, well let me tell you that nothing has changed since that album, still same boring compositions, chugga-chugga guitar riffs, angst driven vocals etc etc.
This promo only contain 3 songs and one pretty useless intro, the rest of songs are taken from their prior release "A Dog's Life", so, basically you have 6 songs from their previous album, plus three new songs, and a intro! Wow! That's SOOO COOOL. Not.

Read my other review please, again if you must, and save me the work to rewrite all in here again. My only hope for Falling Silence, is that they fall, and they remain in silence.

Written by Undercraft | 23.06.2004



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