Vorkreist - Sabbathical Flesh Possession review


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Band: Vorkreist
Album: Sabbathical Flesh Possession
Release date: September 2003

01. Open The Gates Of Flesh
02. Dead And Devoted
03. Purified In Hellfire
04. Tread On The Cross
05. At The Side Of The Beast
06. Sabbathical Flesh Possession
07. Thorntorment The Impaled
08. Infernal Communion
09. Iconophobia
10. Dawn Of Terror

After their first demo "Sermon Of Impurity", the French Death/Black metal band Vorkreist come with their first album "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" to show us all the rage, the wickedness and the brutality they can do. Through the Spanish label Xtreem, this young band with this first album could be a leader of the French brutal scene.

I will be honest quickly, another time this album is a brutal production, then well if you want a lot of originality, well… maybe you could try another band and cd…
Because yes, this album is a really good one, but in its own style, [maybe it's just a problem with me] but we can find a lot of more interesting bands everywhere. This is the big problem with that kind of music.
But on the other hand, "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" gives a big kick in your ass. Because Vorkreist do a good job on this album and in their own style, these guys are very good.
The music is very aggressive, come from the deepest pit of their imagination and through this album, they succeed to do a real good and promising production. The 10 tracks of this album are good well composed [even if a lot of time it's not very technical], the musicians are correct and at the end "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" could be a very good surprise in the French brutal scene of 2003.
The only problem could come from the sound because this is not very nice. Then I know, they want to do "old school" music with noisy sound but for my part, I just think that is a shame because the songs and the music lose a lot of good parts due to this bad sound. But there are some lovers of this sound then…

At the end I will recommend this young band to all the purist of brutal music, I 'm sure that this "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" will be a very good album for you. For all the others who are not into this style of metal, well maybe you will find something better elsewhere.
Vorkreist is a promising brutal metal young band; I just hope that they will do a lot of efforts to be more original in the future.

Written by Jeff | 06.12.2003


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