Dark Sanctuary - Les Memoires Blessees review


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Band: Dark Sanctuary
Album: Les Memoires Blessees
Release date: April 2004

01. La Clameur Du Silence
02. Présence
03. D'une Mère À Sa Fille
04. L'adieu À l'Enfant (1)
05. L'adieu À l'Enfant (2)
06. Abre Los Ojos
07. A Quoi Bon?
08. Laissez Moi Mourir
09. L'emprisonnée
10. Puisses-Tu...
11. L'instant Funèbre (L'ultime Délivrance De l'Ame)
12. Perdition
13. Les Mémoires Blessées

Dark Sanctuary comes from France and was created in 1996. This band uses to play a great dark ambient atmospheric music, and after only three albums the combo is already considered as a cult band. No heavy guitars riffs, no big drums, just the beauty and the purity of the strings. Piano, violin, cello, and acoustic guitars. That's the sound of this magnificent band, and their new release "Les Mémoires Blessées" follow the tradition of its precursors. Again you could listen to some beautiful music with in addition the great voice of Dame Pandora one of the best singer in gothic music.

Beauty and sadness could be the best words to resume the music of Dark Sanctuary. "Les Mémoires Blessées" is in the continuity of the music of the band. However this time, this is not a concept album, all the musicians did a real work on the music and the texts of each songs. The result is more than convincing. The music is great, with in front a lot of piano by Hylgaryss and of course Arkdae. This is really intimist, sad, nostalgic but this is all these parts in the music which do that the music of the band is such beautiful. The texts are great too, and talk about sadness, solitude, and melancholy. This is more than convincing and the great voice of Dame Pandora, gives a lot to the music of the band. For sure she is one of the reason of the success of the band.
The production of this album is also perfect, a real beautiful digipack and for the sound a great work by Markus Stock. No problem for this part of the cd.
The wrong point could come from the fact that this music could be not really easy of access, for some metalheads who want true Metal. Yes this is not true metal, but this is better than a lot of bands who do Power or Melodeath. Oki this kind of album can be boring [some songs are a bit long at the end], but personally I don't care and this albums certainly gives more emotions than the majority of the actual releases. But after all, anybody can have is own opinion on the actual metal scene…

"Les Mémoires Blessées" is a great album and prove once again that Dark Sanctuary is one of the masters in the genre. This kind of album is original and it's good sometimes to listen to this genre of music. This is a must have for all the ones who want a magnificent album, with a sad and beautiful music close to perfection… And one last thing, for the ones who says that they are gothic and listen to some bands [I don't need to name it again…], a tip from me, listen to some bands like Dark Sanctuary, and we could have a talk later…

Written by Jeff | 19.08.2004


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