Turia - Dede Kondre review

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Band: Turia
Album: Dede Kondre
Release date: January 2017

01. Dede Kondre
02. Een Poort Van Takken En Loof
03. De Houten Tempel
04. Waterzucht
05. De Toorn der Goden

What is it that makes some listeners enjoy repetition in music? The music on Turia's second full-length album Dede Kondre has some swirling riffs that, with minimal adjustments, are following us through the album. It's the repetition of the riffs, the monotony of the tremolo guitar, and the hard-hitting primal drums that rock us like a cradle to create trance-like black metal. The guitar has just enough melody to keep us interested at all points of the album. Every parent knows that a child feels at home when you gently rock her about. This monotonous movement makes the child feel at home as it resembles the child's early life in the womb.

If some listeners enjoy the calmness of repetition, there are listeners who enjoy the horror of black metal. The horror on Dede Kondre could be said to be the female banshee screams that are placed a bit back in the production. The vocals here in many ways resemble those of a newborn baby screaming her heart out at the disgust and pleasure of entering the world. The vocals resemble any human journey into nothingness and hopelessness.

Basically, the album's focus or main point is the repetition of the music in trying to balance the screams from getting out of hand. Dede Kondre has many resemblances to a parent that rocks his kid trying to persuade her to keep calm. When the screams have tired a bit, the music goes down in tempo, rocking about, but still fully expecting the screams to burst out at any time. Dede Kondre strikes a perfect balance between horror vocals and calming, trance-like music. It's every parent trying to give their newborn some hope, and it's a unique piece of black metal. It's an album that pushes its genre forward by its simplicity. Dede Kondre is a womb; rejoice within!

Written by LuciferOfGayness | 18.04.2017


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