Method Of Destruction - Red, White, And Screwed review


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Band: Method Of Destruction
Album: Red, White, And Screwed
Release date: October 2007

01. Balls On Bread
02. Alphabet City Stomp
03. Red White And Screwed
04. Dance Around With Snakes
05. The Big It
06. Hardcore Harry
07. I Gotta Get Away
08. Speaking Truth To Power
09. Jose Can You See?
10. Suicide Bomb Pop
11. Bullshit Politics
12. We Are Nothing
13. G.L.E.T. (Greatest Lie Ever Told)
14. Goddess/Devil [bonus]

Right after the split of Stormtroopers Of Death in 1986, vocalist Billy Milano decided to continue the legacy by forming a new project called Method Of Destruction. He started delivering slabs of destructive music, all appended to his typically Milano spouting of political incorrectness. Launching the very first product from Billy's factory was U.S.A. For M.O.D. in 1987, spreading crushing waves of hardcore riffs blended with the thrash metal style. This potion contained the same charisma that he left S.O.D. with; now the only difference here is that this is the new method of fucking destruction. They were laying spreadsheets across the control room to see where they could hit the chords hardest - and boy, they did it with style.

20 years later, Milano and crew released a new disc, namely Red, White And Screwed, which inadvertently may be translated to screwing over red and white wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon and then fermenting the most pissed-off lyrics Milano can ever write off the top of his head. Well, that's just me. With 13 tracks, what you can expect from this team is none other than a typical hardcore/crossover thrash bashfest, a fest that includes doses of crusty, thrash-y riffs spewing lyrics about controversial topics ("Balls On Bread," "Bullshit Politics," "Dance Around With Snakes"), fast-paced chops with bass lines in a thick and monotone delivery in "Red White Screwed," "Hardcore Harry," and "I Gotta Get Away," and taking digs at bands like Metallica and King Diamond in "Big It," "Suicide Bomb Pops," and "G.L.E.T. (Greatest Lie Ever Told)," or personal cheap shots like in "Jose Can You See It?" - it has it all. The ballroom exquisitely entertained us with music that at the very least was severely anticipated. Not even a single note coming off Red, White and Screwed resembles innovation of riffs, songwriting and, most importantly, the personality of the album, which we can consider the mark of excellence.

It did disappoint me at so many levels, considering the fact that a guy like Billy Milano who has loads of experience made a big cash-out to some basic lines of musicianship in Red, White And Screwed. It's like "been there, done that"; if I ever have to listen to Method Of Destruction, I would probably spin their first two albums for sure, but not this one. Also, if I have to listen to this genre, I wouldn't be hesitant to pick any record of Hatebreed, 'cause you lot resemble them lately.

Written by Cynic Metalhead | 28.04.2017


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