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Band: Mnemic
Album: The Audio Injected Soul
Release date: October 2004

01. The Audio Injection
02. Dreamstate Emergency
03. Door 2.12
04. Illuminate
05. Deathbox
06. Sane vs. Normal
07. Jack Vegas
08. Mindsaver
09. Overdose In The Hall Of Fame
10. The Silver Drop
11. Wild Boys [Duran Duran cover]

You might be quite confused by the sort of genre I have written on this one, but let me use this first lines to explain it all for you.
The last three, Fusion Future Metal is written on the promo sheet I got, the other is what I think it sounds like, it's very Melodeath alike, but with some Alternative and modern touches, the closes I can come is to compare them with bands like Fear Factory, Meshuggah and SYL, and a little of the latest In Flames.

There, now that's settle, let's move on with the Mnemic, or Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation, as it seems to mean, don't know if that's true or just something they (or the record company) uses.
Anyhow, this release is the second from these young Danish guys, with last years debut "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" they struck the world quite big, and I know many have been looking forward for this one, but I'm not one of them, since I never heard the band before, this was my "debut".

And my impression is quite divined, because I both like it and disguise it.
Overall it's very good, they're playing a very heavy Death (or you can almost call it Thrash) with good growls vocals, but there is just something in it all that I can't like.
The futuristic sounds maybe, or when the growls is going over to nu-metallish screams, I don't really know, but something is holding it back.
It was the same when I saw Meshuggah live this summer, I like it quite much, but there was something that I disguised, but I couldn't get a grip on what.

But there are some songs that I like from the beginning to the end, where I just ignore whatever I don't like with the band, or with the album, I maybe shall say.
The opener, "Dreamstate Emergency" is one, a good opener, that gives you a hunch about what to expect of the album, and I like that, because you can hear there is you will love the album or not.

But the album also doing a quite unexpected turn too, with the song "Deathbox", when the music turns over from time to time to a deep, heavy sound, a black/death/grind Metal sound, I really didn't expect that.
But it's not, in anyway, ruins the album, it's actually gives it a little push, it's better to surprise a little than stay the same all the way.

To conclude it all, I'll say that it's a good album, even if there is something that's not for me, I know many want the album and many more will discover it and like it.
So if you're into Meshuggah, SYL etc, check this up, you might find your "album of the year".

Check Out: "Dreamstate Emergency" for example, but just take a song and see if you like it or not.

Written by Malcolm | 26.09.2004



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11.07.2007 - 19:53
Account deleted
I used to listen to this band back when I was in HS...I remember that mindsaver song fucking mind explosion!...I still have my respects to this band good thing they weren't a "core" band.
11.02.2008 - 00:49
I R Serious Cat
Deffinitely this album kicks ass. I cant' say ther's a prigression of teh ound between Mechanical Spin Phenomena and this one, but it's a great album, agressive and the "futuristic"elements continue to makingthis band quite unique... Good album indeed
"Nobody wants to be the weird kid, you just end up being the weird kid. You don't know how you ended up getting there" - Rob Zombie My dA, mainly photography, go check it out!
15.04.2008 - 05:23
Eden Fire
The best Mnemic cd, even beating Mechanical Spin Phenomena. The only two tracks i don't really like is The Audio Injection and Jack Vegas. Some of my favorite tracks: Dreamstate Emergency, Deathbox, Overdose In The Hall Of fame. If you have only heard their new cd, Passenger, you should deffinently check this one. They even manage to make Wild Boys decent.

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