Oddsize - Oddsize review

Band: Oddsize
Album: Oddsize
Release date: 2003

01. Silent Jaws
02. Cleaning
03. Search
04. Hostage
05. Adrift
06. Hunter
07. Chronaxie
08. Sellbeach

Oddsize is a French band off alternative metal. Since October 2000 Mathieu [Drums], Yann [Voices], Jérome [Bass], and Xavier [Guitars] used to do a complex music with sometime progressive parts, sometime hardcore parts, and sometime death/thrash parts. This subtle mixing of different music gives a good originality to their first [auto-production] album.

"Oddsize" is a good album, not very original, but for a first production I must admit that these guys have a lot of talent.
Firstly, even if this cd is an auto-production I must say that the sound is very correct, but for the artwork and the booklet because I only have a promo edition I can't talk about it and the lyrics... It's a pity
By the way we will pass that point because we are here to listen music first. And well for the music I must say that is not to bad. At the first listening, I was not very enthusiast by the cd but more then I listen it, more I found it better and better. The voice for me is too much "Nu" a lot of time but the Death parts are here to give all the power to the seven tracks of the cd. The result the music, [even if a lot of time the tempo is very slow], can be very catchy and very pleasant to listen.
It not very original, maybe it's the big problem with this new band but well this is their first cd then I'm sure when I see that work, that the best is to come.

At the end I will recommend this cd to all the fans of metal that "can" listen music with some parts [particularly for the singing] of Nu and Alternative music.
Oddsize is a promising French young band with some work, gigs and a lot of originality, they could became a very interesting band in the future. Must be follow.

Written by Jeff | 15.12.2003


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