Human Serpent - The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism review

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Band: Human Serpent
Album: The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism
Release date: June 2014

01. I Am A Misanthrope
02. Human Serpent
03. Anti-Human Propaganda
04. Grief
05. The Untrodden Paths
06. The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism
07. All Return To Nothing
08. Chapel Of Bones

From the core of the Hellenic black metal volcano hails the misanthropic duo of Human Serpent, a band that defines the term "underground". Following their demo, The Eternal Loyalty To Misanthropy, came the debut full-length one year later to make sure that Human Serpent are here to create havoc and chaos, punching the unsuspecting humanity in the face with rampant aggression.

In The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism, the band plays first- and second-wave-inspired black metal that roughly sounds like a more stripped-down and less melodic version of Mgła. The first notes of "I Am A Misanthrope" grab the listener by the throat, with X. screaming his lungs out as if he has a pair of giant hands wrapped around his neck, choking him to death. The furious blastbeats and the cold, abrasive riffs are relentless and asphyxiating, showing no sign of mercy whatsoever. The song "Human Serpent" continues in this manner and the whole album is pretty much on the same note, apart from a few parts where the tempo slows down a bit and the music becomes more atmospheric, like in the middle of "The Untrodden Paths".

The atmosphere of The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism is plunged into misanthropy, nihilism and rage. The lyrics are spat out by X. in the most hateful possible way and his venomous vocals are a standout feature in this brutal exhibition of malevolence. The album is short and most songs clock in at under four minutes, which is a relief since a quick-firing and savage blizzard of hostility like this would be impossible to bear in larger doses. The closer, "Chapel Of Bones", is the longest track in duration, featuring a magnificent four-minute outro consisting of religious chants (Batushka fans can rejoice as there is more of that in the ending of "I Am A Misanthrope") and a solemn bass solo.

If there is something negative to be said about this album, it would be the fact that the frenetic pace and the relatively one-dimensional songwriting does not do justice to band's capabilities. However, it is an impressive debut and shows the potential of Human Serpent, which would shine in full in their sophomore effort, only one year later.

Instead of an epilogue, I will quote X.'s "Black Metal Propaganda", as it was written back in September 2013.

"It is a vain earth. It will control all mankind to see them destroying each other. No one believes inside. Human bodies become the temples of the 'Living'. Images and words of negativity approaching. Who knows the difference between Man and God, between unorthodox meditation and puritanical order? No one and nothing. And that is how the world ends..."

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 22.08.2017 by I was into this music when you were still in diapers.

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