Eeriness - A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time review


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Band: Eeriness
Album: A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time
Release date: June 2003

01. November - Thy Weakness
02. The Unbounded Misfortune
03. Grotesque Misery
04. Dead Souls Embrace
05. Silent Voices
06. Only The Rain
07. Lay Down
08. Graveyard Birds
09. Sun And Moon Eclipse

Gothic Metal from Switzerland, to be honest, I don't remember hearing too much bands from that part of the world, so I was surprised when I found that Eeriness were hailing from those lands.

The band have 7 members, among those are a cello player, keyboards, and both male and female vocals, this is their debut album after 2 demos, and they're signed to Shark records, those are the facts, well enough of this, let's go into the music.

The album starts with "November- Thy Weakness" , and from the first notes I can say that i'm going to like the keyboards in this one, they accompany the music very well, and they're courtesy of Miss Tilia Scheider (hopefully not related to Rob Scheider-the comedian-), anyway the vocal department is kind of weird, the males vocals are not clear and not death either…is like a gruff or something like that, somewhere in the middle between Death and clean. The female vocals in the other hand, are tastefully done and the singer Katarina Krémárová is very talented, too bad that the operatic vocals are no longer a new thing in Metal…

Things are doing fine, but not great, is an ok album, until track 3 arrives "Grotesque Misery" a great song, very catchy keyboard lines, nice arrangements and great lyrics. Next is "Dead Souls Embrace" another good song, this is getting better and better, I think that you got to get used to the male vocals, they may sound a little weird at first but after a few spins you get fond of them.

"Only The rain" has a very cool keyboard intro, sadly the song falls down after that, and becomes a little boring, but not for so long because next is "Lay Down" another highpoint of this album, now I'm wishing some up-tempo songs, but my wish is never fulfilled, and thus the album ends.

So, final thoughts? Been there, heard that, Eeriness delivered nothing new to the Gothic Metal scene, but that doesn't mean that this album sucked, as a matter of fact I had a great time with this one, don't expect to bang your head to the wall with this one, is more laid back Gothic Metal, with some great moments, has good songs and some not-so-good songs.
The visual aspect is very important to me, the cover art is really good, and the layout of the cd is also good, and not that it matters to the rating, but both the female members are really cute!
Anyway, fans of Gothic Metal with operatic female vocals, nice keyboards and "eerie" atmospheres, check this one immediately.

Written by Undercraft | 21.12.2003


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Sometimes the Swiss underground scene really manages to impress me. Switzerland really does have more to offer than Krokus, Samael and Celtic Frost. Eeriness is the perfect example. The seven members, including a soprano and a cello, manage to make some extremely atmospheric and terrifically catchy gothic metal. I think I can describe them by saying: imagine Tristania and add a few spoonfuls (or rather kettlefuls?) of atmosphere, voila, Eeriness.

published 12.05.2007 | Comments (1)

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