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Band: Korn
Album: Take A Look In The Mirror
Release date: November 2003

01. Right Now
02. Break Some Off
03. Counting On Me
04. Here It Comes Again
05. Deep Inside
06. Did My Time
07. Everything I've Known
08. Play Me [Ft. Nas]
09. Alive
10. Let's Do This Now
11. I'm Done
12. Y'all Want A Single
13. When Will This End
    1 - When Will This End
    2 - One [Metallica cover] [live]

Before this album was released, and like for every album of Korn since Follow The Leader, it was rumoured that they had gone back to the roots, that is to say they had once more the raw sound and the violence of their first album. And once more, if you expect things to be like this, you are going to be really disappointed by this 'Take a look in the mirror'. Though, the previous statement is more true in the case of this album than for any other one. Seemingly, they heard the fanbase reactions after 'Untouchables', who had been taken aback by the mellowish experimentations of Johnathan Davis's singing, as well as by the calmness of certain tracks. Those who had turned their backs on Korn because of this change (who was probably commercial) should try to get an ear on this album. Ok this is still Korn, so those who don't like their particular genre will hate 'Take a look in the mirror', but for the others…

The striking point in this new release is the genuine violence that emanates from the vocals on almost each song. John Davis said he had been inspired by Cannibal Corpse among others during the writing process. I think this is just an hallucination, but the fact is that some growlings here definitely sound death metal. The music, on the other hand, follows the special Korn recipe, that is, the headbanging riffs they create since their beginnings, crossed with some kind of more atmospheric passages. And still this low-pitched bass sound that is the trademark of this Californian band. The production is still perfect (just like the songwriting) but the overall sound is rawer than usual, more like 'Life Is Peachy' than like 'Untouchables'.

The range of emotions emanating from the songs is quite wide: from the pure anger of 'Right Now' and 'Alive', to the desperate accents of 'Counting On Me' and 'Everything I've Known', from the growlings of 'Break Some Off' to the Untouchables-like 'Deep Inside', Korn visits its entire tracklist. This makes 'Take A Look In The Mirror sound like a summary of what they have done so far. This is, in my opinion, a good thing that they don't deny their past when nu metal (a style they created ten years ago for those who don't know) is more and more associated to mainstream rock, just like this is a good thing that they don't try to copy other successful bands. Oh well the purists will curse them because they made a song with Nas ('Play Me'), just because metal or rock and rap must stay far away from each other, but I say, where the fuck is the problem as long as it sounds good? Yes 'Play Me' is a killer song, just like 'Right Now', 'Did My Time', and 'When Will This End' that sounds like all Korn's closing tracks Even the cover of Metallica's 'One' is not that bad. I don't think this is enough to call them sell-outs, because they stick to what they created, plus they are still quite lucid on what they are doing, the music business and its unquenchable need for hits ('Ya'll Want a Single').

If only for their longevity, even if you hate their music or who they are, they deserve respect. And 'Take A Look In The Mirror' is a fucking good album, their best since 'Life Is Peachy'.

Highlights: Right Now, Here It Comes Again, Ya'll Want A Single

Written by Deadsoulman | 05.01.2004



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25.02.2007 - 20:51
Lost To Apathy
One of their better albums, the rating is certainly justified. Good review as well, though I don't agree with the last paragraph, but we all have our favourites.
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27.02.2007 - 15:30
This album is...good, follow the leader and life is peachy are still albums that will hold some power over me.
28.02.2007 - 04:37
Bitch Boy
I agree with your review except the first part, for me, with this one, they've actually returned to their roots, it's raw and violent. I agree with the rating as well.
05.07.2007 - 04:56
KoRn's best album...
25.07.2008 - 21:14
Metal Freak
Hmmm...call me the oddball, but I always thought that this was their worst album. Still looking for a song I can stand...
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29.05.2009 - 13:57
Liver Failure
This album is good, but its the last good one from Korn. From now on they become too much of a Pop-korn get it!?

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