Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon - Metal Kartoon review

Band: Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon
Album: Metal Kartoon
Release date: November 2005

01. Introduction
02. Le Triangle des Bermudas
03. Nancy & Joe
04. The Dance Of The Fat Boy
05. The 70's
06. L'Experiénce
07. Metal Kartoon
08. Sapaïechi
09. David Vincent
10. The Little Voice
11. Au Pays de Gandhi
12. When We Were Kings
13. Mörglbled Again!!!

Christophe Godin and his "Metal Kartoon" is the first signature of the new label of Mr Yann Armellino, Why Note. Christophe is a really great guitarist but also a really funny guy and I'm quite sure actually that all the ones who like the spirit of some bands like Freak Kitchen will enjoy his first effort. Please just have a look on itů

Actually, "Metal Kartoon" is everything but not serious and if you already know some bands like Freak Kitchen, you must understand me. Yes with this album you'll pass a really good time, it's intelligent but also really funny (especially if you can understand French lyrics) like on "Le Triangle Des Bermudas". No worry, it's not only joke and fun and it can be a bit more serious too, like on "L'Expérience".

Musically speaking, "Metal Kartoon" is a good mix of Heavy Metal with evidently great technical guitars solos and... "Funky" music. At the end it's not really conventional, at the opposite it's hard to find a lot of bands that know how to produce something so original. Then ok, some people who only wants some "true" Metal will be disappointed by this release but all the others ones who like Freak Kitchen, Bumblefoot and company will really like this release. Actually it's really punchy, really effective and all the songs (even the instrumental ones) have a really "good mood" attitude, that's a good thing.

My only regret actually comes from the fact that Metal Kartoon could be a bit more "heavy". I don't ask some Death Metal, no no of course not but if you look at Freak Kitchen for example, they also have some good powerful songs, and that's a good point it gives some diversity and I think that "Metal Kartoon" should have some punchy riffs too in the future.

This is a good and promising first album and all the Metalheads who are a bit open minded should check this album to see that the Metal can be funny too. This is a good surprise for me and well I recommend this album to all the ones who like this kind of music, you won't regret it...

Written by Jeff | 04.11.2005


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