Rain Paint - Nihil Nisi Mors review


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Band: Rain Paint
Album: Nihil Nisi Mors
Release date: May 2003

01. Forbidden Love
02. Rain Paint
03. Death Drive & Fear
04. Sleeping Beauty
05. Miss Spring
06. Raven Nevermore
07. Freezes Day
08. Loose And Over

When My Kingdom Music labeled this Cd as "Intense and emotional music" I was expecting a very slow down-tuned Gothic Metal album, instead I've got a very unusual one, I can't say I'm pleased with how this sounds, but I can't say I'm disappointed either.

I think people is running out of ideas to name bands, because the name Rain Paint is not the most creative I've heard around, anyway, here we have a very weird mixture, so, take note and I'll show you how to make a nice bowl of Rain Pain a lá Nihil Nisi Mors:

First, wash your hands, and go get the main ingredients:
2 parts of Katatonia
1 part of Opeth
A cup of My Dying Bride
A pinch of Moonspell

Mix all the elements in a bowl, and serve with a side dish of Dark Tranquillity "projector" era.

You've go a dish plenty of influences right? but Rain Paint has created a very unique and multi-layered album , that goes from Progressive, Doom and Melodic Death Metal to a bit of Gothic and New Wave.

With such a variety of sounds one may think that this album makes no sense whatsoever, I thought that with the first spin too, but slowly I began to capture the essence of this album, the moody sounds and the melancholic atmosphere.

Anyway I can only said that this was a hard album to review, when you don't really have much to say about an album, means that it doesn't impacted you as it was expected, I will recommend this one to fans of gothic and dark music. As for me, I'll stick to more conventional stuff.

Written by Undercraft | 03.02.2004



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06.08.2006 - 10:34
Jason W.
This disc has some great sound quality, but other than that, I'm happy I'll never have to listen to it again. Perhaps it's the minute's worth of a baby crying on "Raven Nevermore", or the vocals that consistently seem out of tune in an unappealing way. I had some hope for this disc because it is Rapture side project in a sense, but I was utterly disappointed. I must say, that in terms of the "recipe" you describe here, I think I'd add in HIM, because the vocal style and the notes he hits so often remind me of them.
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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