The CNK - Ultraviolence Über Alles review


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Band: The CNK
Album: Ultraviolence Über Alles
Release date: 2002

01. Political Police
02. Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV
03. L.K. Nosferat
04. Kommando '96
05. Apology
06. Get A Gun - Shoot At Random
07. Love Game Over
08. Bunkermoon Khaos 3

Count Nosferatu Kommando is an assault machine. It is violent, it shows no remorse. If you don't like it, it will most probably kill you. Count Nosferatu Kommando is hostile. CNK is a French, sort of electronical metal band. It is kind of hard to define their style, but it lands somewhere in the wide fields of death metal. However it lays in the outlands of death, in the borderland of electronical music, not far from industrial metal. But it's a remote area, where violence is a way of life and fear is compulsory. CNK is the sole ruler of that outback in music.

So let's take a closer look into that killer band. And killer is just the right word for it. In every single track of the album, you can feel the energy and hostility. It combines fast and rough-riffs with blasting drums hammering simultaneously. It's a furious onslaught of guitars and booming percussions. However it's not brutal in a "Panzer Division Marduk" way, but it's a disciplined and a well planned attack with a fearless pace. It is a tank with bloody tracks and a billion guns. It oscillates between fast rage and militaristic marches. Some parts remind me of Rammstein's "Das Modell", only this is much more powerful. CNK let's guitars and drums march together, amplifying each other. So if you need to recharge, play this album, and you'll be guaranteed to be hyperactive for the next 24 hours. I love it when a band skill fully uses electronic samples. And it's just what CNK does. A big part of the music is based on electronics, however it doesn't appear like there's too much of it. It's like fuel that's being constantly poured into the war machine that "Ultraviolence Über alles" is. From time to time the artificial sounds are let to come to the foreground, doing great credit to the atmosphere. The samples are varied, sometimes on the disturbing and scary side of old horror films, sometimes like those addictive video games electronic tunes. Speaking of witch, "Ultraviolence über alles" would make a great soundtrack for some war-game.

On the bands homepage you can find the words "Hellektronikal dancefloor warmachine". Don't let the word "dance" disturb you, cause it has nothing to do with dance music, although you can draw a few lines between them.
That was the technical side of CNK. All that results in some kind of an entity. In this albums case, the outcome is revolutionary. "Ultriaviolence über alles" is the perfect title for this release, and no name would describe the essence of the band better than Count Nosferatu Kommando. Both names are bold and powerful. Behind them, is the reflection, the war engine of today's world. Wars, conflicts, murders, terrorism, gore - you name it. CNK takes all that and uses it without any kind of shame, remorse or conscience. It's arrogant and destructive. It doesn't preach about morale and peace. On the contrary, it tramples them in mud and rips them apart with a 12-gauge shotgun. Chaos and death, total and all-out warfare, no rules of engagement. And it simply doesn't give a fuck. CNK wants you dead, definitely.

Written by destroyah | 15.02.2004


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02.02.2009 - 18:45
CNK wants you dead, definitely.

Then I'm dead, hehe. Interesting review!

At first I didn't like this album, and I'm I can't say I'm new to this industrial/electronic metal world... Somehow they managed to remind me my "beloved" Deathstars and it made me look at this project fairly skeptical.
And yet CNK is not that bad after all, well - at least this album is not. I think the catchiest song in the whole album is "Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV" which has an interesting part on 3:35 minute, so it's actually cool that the songs aren't just in one tempo.

Damn, forgot to mention - they have awesome lyrics!

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