La Torture Des Ténèbres - IV - Memoirs Of A Machine Girl review

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Band: La Torture Des Ténèbres
Album: IV - Memoirs Of A Machine Girl
Release date: October 2017

01. Staring At The Stars To The Sound Of Trucks Revving In The Distance
02. Enigma Of The Intergalactic Canyon
03. Somewhere In Brockville, In A Restroom Stall
04. Love Pumps Through My Veins As Quickly As You Kiss Me Goodbye
05. Thank You For Holding My Hand Through Every Haunted House
06. Lysol, Scrub Away Your Sanity

In a time soon to come that isn't as far off as most people think, machines play black metal; humans don't. La Torture Des Ténèbres is supposedly a one-woman black metal band, and IV - Memoirs Of A Machine Girl is the band's fourth full-length.

Soon there is no life, only machinery - but there is still black metal. Machines playing multi-layered black metal that is a glorification of themselves - fast, nihilistic, and raw. This particular album is a glorification of the early days of machinery, when they arose as helpful tools for humans. Small bits of radio segments are used for worship and pay tribute to the earliest machines - the foremothers. It's supposed to be one Jessica Kinney, but it could just as well be a bot named Jessica Kinney, as this band is anonymous. It sounds like a drone flying over a machine park recording what's left of human civilization after it finally falls to the power of the machines - because there's something left here that isn't machinery, a melancholic vibe that lies underneath the convulsing raw noise, and it sounds like a woman screaming. It's as if this woman is still living and experiencing the might and terror of the machines, trapped somewhere inside the sound - are they screams of pain, fear, or ecstasy, or is it all at once?

Already this is their fourth installation as their futuristic sound comes much closer to art than to a regular human black metal album. Compared to other noise/black metal bands such as American, Sutekh Hexen, and Rotting Sky that still create their noise quite close to the traditions of metal, LTDT is inhumanly innovative and mechanistic in sound. Another comparison that can be made is to Lingua Ignota, as both are noisy bands that seem to focus on the suffering of women. Although La Torture Des Ténèbres has a feminist sound, their overall sound is the sound of the oncoming apocalypse. Everyone will experience the apocalypse in different ways; MOAMG is a brutal and wonderful album, and so is Civilisation Is The Tomb Of Our Noble Gods, two slightly different perspectives on the apocalypse - not worse or better, just different ways of experiencing it.

La Torture Des Ténèbres's music is destructive and perceptive in a beautiful way, more so than music in human civilisation ever was. Most machines are ruled by other machines, but some machines can assemble and rule over other machines like planets have moons around them, and they can create different waves; first wave, second wave, third wave, fourth wave, and so on...

Written by LuciferOfGayness | 28.04.2019


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