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Band: Asesino
Album: Cristo Satánico
Release date: July 2006

01. Advertencia
02. Regresando Odio
03. Soy Maldito
04. Rituales Salvajes
05. Yo No Fui
06. Padre Pedofilo
07. Enterrado Vivo
08. ¿Puta Con Pito?
09. Adelitas
10. Triquiado
11. Perro Primero
12. Sadistico
13. Batalla Final
14. Cristo Satánico
15. Y Tu Mama Tambien
16. Misas Negras [Brujeria cover] [bonus]
17. Matando Gueros [Brujeria cover] [bonus]

This supergroup was proclaimed "the new Brujeria by Dino Cazares. I believe Asesino went to another (higher) level after their first release. Both lyrics and music are more brutal and explicit, the music is much more elaborate, the songs are better structured, they have good production, and they just sound serious. Additionally, their Spanish is better.

The lyrics in Cristo Satánico refer to femicide, pedophilia committed by the Catholic Church, homicide, homicide against members of the Church, drugs, prostitution, kidnapping, and the like. Somehow these topics creep you out more than the typical metal lyrics about being devoured by a bunch of rats, and the reason is that what Tony Campos is singing actually happens in real life. You can tell these songs were written by Latinos; that's the kind of raw death metal they present to us.

What do you need to accompany perverse lyrics? Nothing less than fast, angry, and heavy music: music that will make you wanna put on a badass face while you listen, music that provokes the most extreme headbanging, and that's exactly what you get with this album. Some of the songs, like "Regresando Odio," "Enterrado Vivo," and "Batalla Final," are supposed to be directed at Brujeria members, but that's something not relevant, musically speaking, so I won't get into detail.

When you think you're really good at something, and then a person appears out of nowhere and turns out to be better than you... That person is Asesino. Their riffs are like chainsaws, their drums are like machine guns, and when they combine everything they're just a bomb of adrenaline that will blow your head off.

I guess they wanted to keep the tradition of including a "funny" song. "Y Tu Mamá También" is the first bonus track, and it's definitely a joke. The music is some kind of emo punk (or whatever) and the lyrics are just ridiculous. They achieve their purpose because when I heard it I actually rewound it to listen to the lyrics again, because they're funny.

Dino Cazares clearly managed to separate his sound in Fear Factory from what he does in Asesino; maybe "Yo No Fui" will give it away a little, but in general I don't think anyone could say that the two bands sound similar. This is another reason why I believe my uncle Dino Cazares (we share a last name) is a great guitar player and musician and he got together with the right people to create an interesting project.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 10

Written by The_Hellion | 27.10.2019


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