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Band: Paganizer
Album: Murder Death Kill
Release date: April 2003

01. Meateater
02. Mourning Life
03. Bleed Into Me
04. Shallow Burial
05. Dead Souls
06. Crawl To The Cross
07. Obsessed By Flesh
08. Du Vaknar Som Död
09. Formaldehyde Dreams

A release for the lovers of those old school Swedish Death Metal bands like Grave, Nihilist, Edge Of Sanity, God Macabre and others.
What Paganizer offer us here is the basic Swedish formula, that is of course, a bit of aggression, with a bit of melody, this translates to: the heaviest tunes with catchy sections.
One good thing about these guys is that the vocals aren't too guttural, they maintain a healthy level of understandability, and that's always good!

The album starts with a damn good song "Meateater" is a killer song filled to the brim with great riffing and excellent drumming, all of that without loosing the characteristic catchy element that make Swedish Death so great.
"Mourning Life" is also a great song, a little more aggressive this time, but always with those catchy parts. "Crawl To The Cross" has some Trash Metal overtones, that fit the song perfectly, while "Obsessed By Flesh" is more rooted in Technical Death Metal.

The production in the album is superb, recorded at Sounslab Studuios with Mieszko Talarzcyk and mastered by no other but Dan Swäno, so you know you have a good production here.
I liked it, remind me of those old school Death Metal bands, of course Paganizer doesn't bring new elements to the genre, neither is a groundbreaking release, listen to it just for the sake of good 'ol times.

Written by Undercraft | 23.03.2004


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