Leprous - Pitfalls review


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Band: Leprous
Album: Pitfalls
Release date: October 2019

01. Below
02. I Lose Hope
03. Observe The Train
04. By My Throne
05. Alleviate
06. At The Bottom
07. Distant Bells
08. Foreigner
09. The Sky Is Red

Still feels like Leprous, but it takes you on a different journey. And it's great.

I discovered Leprous in 2013 when I heard their iconic album Coal - my favorite album of that year. It had some insane odd and syncopated rhythms, extreme vocals and lots of dramatic elements. Even though Pitfalls takes us on a lighter journey musically, with clean singing only, it still has that same awesome dramatic vibe and interesting time signatures which may not sound so obvious from a first glance. It has lots of new elements and I feel like it's their best album since Coal.

Many fans would reject the addition of RnB-like rhythms in songs like "Below" or "I Lose Hope" and the overall songwriting approach, but I think it shows the development of the band and the ability not to make same sounding albums over and over again. This album also features a record amount of falsetto singing which has already become a trademark for Einar Solberg, and no, they did not capture any extreme vocals this time. On the other hand, we have "The Sky Is Red", the final track on the album, which is also the heaviest piece, and I personally think it combines elements of all the previous albums that they did; many old fans will probably like it the most.

I also enjoyed the sound production on this album, even though they didn't hire my mixing hero Jens Bogren this time. Leprous recorded live strings (oh yes) for this album, and they sit perfectly in the mix with every other instrument sounding sweet. And the snare drum sounds awesome, yes.

Overall, I think Pitfalls is an excellent record, which takes several spins to "get it". But it's totally worth the purchase.

My favorite tracks would be: "Distant Bells" / "The Sky Is Red" / "Alleviate"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by andreosokin | 14.11.2019


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I'm not entirely sure whether this is a Leprous album or Einar Solberg's first solo record.

published 06.10.2019 | Comments (8)


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14.11.2019 - 15:02
Theodore V
"Still feels like Leprous, but it takes you on a different journey. And it's great."

So why is my heart broken???
18.11.2019 - 14:58
Written by Theodore V on 14.11.2019 at 15:02

"Still feels like Leprous, but it takes you on a different journey. And it's great."

So why is my heart broken???

Let's consider that Leprous was your ex. She's still the same great person, but turned lesbian.

Something like that
24.11.2019 - 12:34
Tom Tuker
So you have to admit that she is less yours but sexier 😉

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