Victorius - Unleash The Titans review


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Band: Victorius
Album: Unleash The Titans
Release date: July 2010

01. Unleash The Titans
02. Oblivion
03. Stormrider
04. Break The Spell
05. Wings Of Destiny
06. Slave To The Dark
07. Last Sanctuary
08. Fly With Me
09. Angel

Victorius is a band hailing from Germany and they play straight-in-your-face power metal, backed by double-bass drumming, not relying on keyboards or orchestrations to fuel the power of the metal music they play. If you're somehow familiar with Victorius and are aware of their solid releases like their third record Dreamchaser, their fourth record Heart Of The Phoenix or their more recent weaker attempts at parody themes à la Gloryhammer, like "Super Sonic Samurai", then you might be interested to know whether their debut is worth checking out.

Well... It's not and it's no wonder I can't find it on YouTube. I wouldn't be surprised if the band removed it because it's a horrible experience from start to end without exception. Naturally, debuts tend to be a disaster at times, but the sheer difference of quality, mainly in the vocal area, between their debut, Unleash The Titans, and any other album in their discography is so huge that you could fit a complete solar system in between.

The band lays down some courageous riffs backed up by solid drumming which would be the foundation of their promising future releases, but the singing is out of tune and tends to ruin any song on Unleash The Titans. I am not quite sure if David Baßin took some singing lessons after recording this album because after the last track "Angel" (a failed attempt at a power ballad) ends, if you have the next album in your playlist, then once the track "Age Of Tyranny" from their second record, The Awakening, starts playing, it shall be such a relief that it's hard to believe that the same band recorded those two albums.

I would recommend this record for people familiar with this band and who really want to know how the band started. There's isn't really anything here that I would add to my playlist and nothing to revisit in the future mainly due to the off-key vocals but also due to the fact that all the songs are generic; the bad generic type, and they all sound the same. Don't listen to this unless you're curious or you want to complete the band's discography. This would be a better album if all the songs were instrumentals.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 4
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Written by Mountain King | 14.01.2020


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