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ODdS - The Attic review

Band: ODdS
Album: The Attic
Release date: 2004

01. Odds And Ends
02. The Fairy
03. Polarity
04. So I Dove
05. Derail

Wow! I'm sorry that I can't a better word to describe this, so "Wow!" will do.
The "chock" I got after the first spin is almost still hanging in.
Since the MeloDeath is so boring nowadays, all bands do the same that In Flames did from 5 years ago, it's no fun genre anymore.
But there and there it's possible to find a gold nugget, as in this case.
French ODdS is giving us "The Attic" and what a blast in a genre that's under threat of extermination.

ODdS was formed in late '95, under the name Ode for the Slain", the released a demo in 1999, named "A Spark in the Dark". The members was almost the same as today, which is: Jim (Guitars), Edy (Guitars & Vocals), Xavier (Drums) & David (Bass).
The only change was made in early 2002 when guitarist Yann left and David joined (Edy took as the same time up the guitar).
In the middle of 2003 the band change name to ODdS, and they started to find the right sound for the band, professional played MeloDeath with growl vocals.

Since I'm n bigger fan of usual Death or growl, it's a little against my real taste, but this is impossible not to like, with those melodies, I can't resist it. And I have to confess that the Growl is fitting perfect.

The songs are keeping perfect quality, each and every one of them. And without lying this sounds better then much of the bands that are signed today. And that a band like this isn't signed it more than I can understand, but I guess that's usual, the labels seems to like "wrong" bands.

The only "bad" part I can find on this record have to be that's it's to short, (And that I want the lyrics) after the last song, you just want more and more. But you can't have everything here in life, I guess. But I hope for more from ODdS soon.

The production I can't complain on, the sound is very good and nothing that's disturbing the "ride".
And the package is nice, "paper-box" ala Promotion CDs it is, but it's good, much better than a CDR.

This is absolutely out there and fight about the title of the best MeloDeath of the year, even if it's short and a Demo, it's surely good enough.
I know that this record is going to spin much more in my stereo before I get tired of it (if I ever do).

So if you what a perfect MeloDeath album that contains much melodic parts mixed with faster parts and growl vocals, this is something you have to check up.
It's not original, but it's damn good.

Favourite Song: Do you really think I can choose anything except All?

Written by Malcolm | 29.03.2004


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