Wormhole - The Weakest Among Us review


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Band: Wormhole
Album: The Weakest Among Us
Release date: January 2020

01. The Weakest Among Us
02. rA9/myth
03. D-S3
04. Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon
05. The Gas System
06. Ultrafrigid
07. Quad MB
08. Ingswarm

The technical, brutal death metal style may not have reached its apex as of yet, but Wormhole couldn't care less.

The Weakest Among Us, a guttural sojourn that offers melodic breaks in substantial frequency compared to its contemporaries -- both recent and of the past -- hits all the appropriate notes of an album of this nature while, at times, almost daring to dream. Allow for some elaboration.

Wormhole, a brilliantly pointed name that blends two of the genre's reoccurring lyrical themes while catering to the scientific-minded, don't simply bow down to the chug and grind formula of any and every so-and-so slamming, brutal, visceral, etc. most extreme of the extreme death metal band. Obviously, the core design of their musical equation is to entice their audience to violently gesticulate while voicing their aggressive agreement of the horrifying sounds unleashed upon them, but the general additives and foundational thought processes venture far beyond simple Neanderthal approval ratings. That chug-a-lug punch in the gut coming through your speakers/headphones serves a deeper purpose than you could image.

Or maybe I'm just romanticizing what can only be described as an incredibly thoughtfully designed, well constructed experience of mind-numbing melody-infused brutality.

You may be asking yourself, whence comest thou? And the answer would be from the good old US of A -- the (possibly unwanted) harbingers of things putrid and vile, but not without reason. Wormhole aren't here by some random act of perverse torture to be inflicted upon the masses; rather, they cut their teeth developing this signature sound as any professional musicians do, to provide an unforgettable joyride through the bowels of quantum-displaced corpses and beyond.

And there you have it. Just under 30 minutes of technically explosive, brutally impactful, melodious brutal (and sometimes slamming) death metal that shoots for the stars (of some other galaxy you've never heard of) and absolutely nails it dead-center. Progressive by its genre-restrictive standards, The Weakest Among Us might as well just be crowned king right now of 2020's radical death metal releases, as there are few comparable albums of this scale to have come out even within the past decade. Eat up, slambois.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 10


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