Place Of Skulls - With Vision review


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Band: Place Of Skulls
Album: With Vision
Release date: September 2003

01. Last Hit
02. With Vision
03. Long Lost Grave
04. Nothing Changes
05. Dimensional Sojourn
06. In Rest
07. Silver Cord Breaks
08. Willfully Blind
09. Dissonant Dissident
10. The Monster
11. The Watchers
12. Lost

Mr. Victor Griffin is here again, ladies and gentlemen.
A guess some of you know what I'm talking about, but for you others I'm going to tell you who Mr. Griffin is.
Victor is the founder of one famous band (Death Row) and ex- guitarist in Pentagram.
Do you feel a little updated now? Not? Well, then read the lines down under, they might help you some more.

As mention, Victor formed Death Row back in the eighties and was the guitarist of Pentagram, and they released three ultra-famous albums, "Relentless", "Day of Reckoning" and "Be Forwarned".
Then he vanished from the Metal stage for some years to exorcise personal demons.
But now he seems to have chased the demons away and returned with a new band, Place of Skulls, together with the original Death Row bassist Lee Abney (now replaced by Dennis Cornelius), and the hard-hitting drummer Tim Tomaselli.
And with "With Vision" they releases their second full-length album.

I guess fans of Pentagram and Death Row know what to expect of this, very dark and heavy Doom Metal. And fans of Black Sabbath might even like this, it's not sounds like a Sabbath cover band or something, but the pure feeling of Doom Metal is there, that kind of sound Sabbath had once, back in their days.

On "With Vision" we are given 12 new tracks (three instrumentals), is the same spirit, the variation isn't the strong part on this album, but that's not important either.
The exceptional guitar play from Mr. Griffin is important, and they will not let you down.
And on second guitar we find Mr. Wino that's not doing a bad job either. And since Lee Abney (Bass) left Place of Skulls, the bass in handled by Greg Turley on this record.

Overall it's a very good Doom album, in the spirit of Death Row and Pentagram, the old school Doom Metal, is you so want.
So fans of the already mention bands should check this out, if you miss Griffin's guitar playing, here is your salvation.

Favourite Songs: It's hard to choose any particularly songs on a record like this but I'll try.
"Long Lost Grave" and "With Vision" will be mention, but it's not really fair just to choose two.

Written by Malcolm | 13.04.2004


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