Serenity - The Last Knight review


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Band: Serenity
Album: The Last Knight
Release date: January 2020

Disc I
01. The Last Knight
02. Invictus
03. Set The World On Fire [feat. Herbie Langhans]
04. Keeper of The Knights
05. Souls And Sins
06. My Kingdom Comes
07. Queen Of Avalon
08. My Farewell
09. Down To Hell
10. Wings Of Pride
11. Call To Arms
12. Souls And Sins [acoustic version]

Disc II [deluxe bonus]
01. Deus Lo Vult
02. United
03. Reduced To Nothingness
04. Iniquity
05. Hero
06. Spirit In The Flesh
07. Perfect Woman
08. Changing Fate [acoustic version]
09. Lionheart
10. Serenade of Flames
11. Velatum
12. Follow Me
13. The Final Crusade

Serenity come back with a great idea of a concept album inspired by the history of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, a character with a unique life history that mixes with the history of the Europe from the XV century.

To review this album we have to separate the lyrics and the music to understand better this seventh Serenity album.

It isn't new for this band having albums with historical inspiration, but after great concept albums like War Of Ages or Lionheart, The Last Knight stays far below the expectations; any lyrics from this album are so generic that they could be about any other historical character, missing here an opportunity to create a really special and unique album.

Like the lyrics, the music is not very exciting here; for some reason they miss the good and old power metal style mixed with the symphonic part that they did before, and only some songs have a little of that feature of the genre. In The Last Knight, Serenity goes more towards a rock sound, but even that was the simple and easy way of doing it, and without any riffs or pieces of songs that grab our attention.

This is not the most solid album from Serenity, probably and hopefully in the future this album be known like 'the bad' one, and from here they will go back to the good path that they were on for almost twenty years. It should be noted that this album is not inaudible or suffering from a bad production, but from the good previous releases, the expectations were high and they missed those expectations and disappointed most fans with this uninspired album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by maglor | 14.05.2020


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15.05.2020 - 23:07
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Tage Westerlund
I agree idea, lyrics and again idea are much higer value here as music
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