Jerry Gaskill - Come Somewhere review


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Band: Jerry Gaskill
Album: Come Somewhere
Release date: April 2004

01. The Kids
02. She's Cool
03. Johnny's Song
04. No Love
05. L.A. Flight
06. Faulty Start
07. All The Way Home
08. Crazy
09. Garden Stroll
10. Walk Alone
11. Every Day
12. Gallop
13. Hello Mrs.
14. I Saw You Yesterday
15. Face The Day

You might have heard of Jerry Gaskill, or maybe not. But anyhow, he is the drummer of the famous band King's X, but as many drummers he have been falling into the shadows and isn't as famous as his two band mates, Doug Pinnick and Ty Tabor.
And now he decided to go solo, but all King's X fans don't worry, there will NOT be a split in King's X, Jerry does this only because he wants to express his own music.

I'm not going to give you a lot of history about King's X here, cause I don't feel that's needed here.
The only bio you'll get is that Jerry Gaskill is the drummer in King's X and that's "Gone Somewhere" is his first solo album.
Jerry himself is handling all the drums, piano and vocals and all guitars together with Ty, he also written all the songs by himself (except Johnny's Song that his brother Herb is co-writer). Ty is also doing all the bass and have produced the album.

I have no experience of King's X so I can't tell however this is like it or not. But what I have read it's not a copycat album, not at all regarding to Jerry himself it's "supposed to sound different in a drastic way than everything else that comes from King's X". So I relay on what Jerry said and saying to you that it's not very like King's X.

It's also described as a "traditional Hardrock album with some psychedelic, alternative rock and Beatles-alike vocal harmonies". And yeah, maybe that's true, both the psychedelic and Beatles way of singing is there, but for the alternative rock part I have some problems to find, or maybe it just me that can't hear it (I usually have very easy to judge if it's alternative of not).

The music is good if you ask me, maybe not the best, but it's good. And Jerry as a singer works. I don't think I would have liked his way of singing in another, different, band, but here he fits just perfect. Both the little faster songs like "She's Cool", "Gallop" and the slow, more sad, songs like "L.A. Flight" he handle perfect (Last mention track on is the best track of the album).

This is an album that's quite original that I think fans of the mellower Hardrock really should check up. Fans of King's X wouldn't be to unfamiliar with it, even if it's not very alike.
Pink Floyd is another band that's coming to my head. It's not so like Pink Floyd, but the psychedelic parts and the little slower way the music is played reminds me of Floyd.

Overall an album for fans of the already mention bands and peoples that want a soft and little strange Hardrock album for their collection.
Not really my style but I find some joy in it.
Finally I really have to price the cover, maybe not the best one ever, but it's nice to see that someone dares to use something like that (Yes, she's nude, but it's hard to see on this pic.

Favourite Songs: "L.A. Flight" gets my vote cause it's the only song that I really want to hear over and over again, IT'S A KILLER. The rest is quite even and stays one step under the above-mention song.

Written by Malcolm | 21.04.2004


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