Kronos - Colossal Titan Strife review


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Band: Kronos
Album: Colossal Titan Strife
Release date: December 2004

01. Mythological Bloodbath
02. Colossal Titan Strife
03. Submission
04. Opplomak
05. With Eaque Sword
06. Aeternum Pharaos Curse
07. Haterealm
08. Monumental Carnage
09. Phaeton
10. Kronos
11. Infernal Worms Field

More unmatched brutality from the Spanish label, Xtreem Music, this relatively new label, directed by Dave Rotten from Avulsed and born from the ashes of Repulse Records, is releasing more and more talented Death Metal bands everyday, is incredible how's growing.

Anyway, this time around we have Kronos and their sophomore album "Colossal Titan Strife" , and I know what you're thinking, but no, this guys hail from France, but the whole Greek mythology is very present in their themes as you can notice.
A little info first, Kronos (or Cronos) is a Titan in Greek mythology, who happens to be, Zeus father also, nice isn't it? Well get to the Geek stuff later.. emm I mean Greek.

The album begins with some sound effects of a battle, screams, effect of swords colliding against the flesh, etc , this intro is properly named "Mythological Bloodbath", as soon the short intro is over, the title song "Colossal Titan Strife" begins, the style is very brutal, the vocals undecipherable, but the good thing is that once in a while a second voice takes place, a more shrieky one, who, by the way, fits the music perfectly.

"Submission" is the shortest song in the album, and also one of the most brutal, excellent guitar solo at the beginning, as a matter of fact, the whole album has great guitar work, solos all through the album are really good.
Some other killer songs are "With Eaque Sword" and "Monumental Carnage" , and special mention to "Phateon" a great 6 minute Death Metal piece.

I really like the theme of the album, that obviously, deals with Greek Mythology, the concept is an struggle for the domination of the world between the army of titans leaded by Cronos, and the Gods from the Olympus, guided by Zeus.

Great signing for Xtreem Music, this is a must-have for any fan of brutal stuff, the musicianship is great, not to mention the excellent production, long live Cronos, king of Titans!

Written by Undercraft | 30.04.2004


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