Madwork - Through The Farthest Times review

Band: Madwork
Album: Through The Farthest Times
Release date: 2002

01. Opening Curtain
02. Pray Mantis Pray
03. My Midnights
04. My Nightmares
05. Breathing Under Water

I wasn't sure from where Madwork hailed from, because I received this Demo quite a long time ago, and I left it in my pile of forgotten promos, so, sorry to the band for the long wait, anyway, finally I deduced were the band came because the names of the members, Luca, Carlos, Mirco, Jago and Beppe (although the last one, I never heard a name like this), sounded pretty Italian to me, I hope I'm Wright.

Madwork plays Progressive Metal, filled with chunky guitar riffs, and quite good intricate passages, the Demo begins with "Opening Curtain" a weird intro, you hear clapping, like in a theater, then a voice begins talking, with a terrible accent by the way, after that, the first real song begins, "Pray Mantis Pray" is a song that besides the original title, has an overall good sound, good breaks and nice interludes. The usual problem with this bands is the vocals, gladly there's not such problem here, because Jago, the singer, has a pretty strong voice, he can reach high notes without sounding to "girlie" or without recurring to the infamous falsetto.

After the song ends, the guy in the theater talks again and "My Midnights" begins, a 7 minute progressive piece which melds into the next song, "My Nightmares" a slow paced song, that could be described as the slow one of the Demo.
"Breathing Under Water" closes things with 9 minutes of prog madness, long instrumental parts combined with the singing and a great instrumental break at the 3 minute mark approximately, after the song is over, the guy in the theater steps on again and say his final words, the show's over.

Although the Demo is pretty good, is suffering from a disease that is very latent in Demos lately, bad production. As I said before, the vocals are pretty good, but they're plunged in the back, and the rest of instruments really step over it, besides that I think this is a band with future, let's hope to hear more from them, because my bet is on Madwork.

Written by Undercraft | 01.05.2004


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