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Band: Sadistik Exekution
Album: Fukk II
Release date: 2004

01. Inner Spiritual
02. Homicidal Suicide
03. Bleeding Insanity
04. Mental Derailment
05. Arkhon The Grave Robber
06. Battered To Buggery
07. The Electrik Chair
08. Fukking Death Metal
09. Shit
10. Outer Spiritual

This is my first encounter with the Aussie sick minds of Sadistik Exekution. This is the kind of band I had sworn to myself I would never listen to, because... well I don't know why, maybe because I was afraid they could do something to my mental sanity if I only even tried. Now I know I was right, but not for the mental sanity, I'm ok, thanks. Now I fear for my ears. Fukk II is a flood of incomprehensible sonorous mess.

They pride themselves on being able to create a massive wall of noise. I agree with that, this is mainly only noise, sometimes, here and there, you catch a riff, a drum part or a scream that sticks in your head, like the first song ' Homicidal Suicide' for example, I spent like half an hour screaming 'Suicide, Suicide, Suicide' after this one... But what is funny on one or two songs quickly becomes boring on a whole album. Little experience for you to understand my point: turn your hoover on, lie down beside it, and stay there, your ear stuck against it, for 45 minutes. See how it hurts? This is exactly what I feel when I listen to Sadistik Exekution.

Of course, I got the point, it is pretty obvious when you read the promo flyer, they don't take themselves seriously, it is still the same old 'we are fukking shit, our music is shit, we hate ourselves, how can we possibly be so shit', which, even though they've always done it for all I know, I always find an amusing marketing way to sell records. It's probably this 'we don't give a shit' attitude that serves them most, because they do whatever they want, and the result is, they sound like nothing else before (maybe like an even more fucked up Impaled Nazarene). But for once, in my opinion originality does not rhyme with quality here. It is so violent, as much in the music as in the vocals (harsh screams with lots of 'shit' and 'fuck') that it often is inaudible for my untrained eardrums. And the cheap production doesn't help. The only 'real' piece of music is the intro 'Inner Spiritual' that can almost be called beautiful and shows that these guys are maybe not as bad musicians as they want us to believe...

To cut it short, I suppose the fans will rush up to it. For those who'd like to hear something really extreme, well you still can give it a try. To people like me, I can only say run away, it's not worth it. No I don't like it.

Written by Deadsoulman | 07.05.2004



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15.01.2008 - 11:59
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Brilliant... review.

Totally agreed, SE are maybe even worse that fellow Aussies Striborg, and that is sayign something.
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