Patrick Rondat - An Ephemeral World review


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Band: Patrick Rondat
Album: An Ephemeral World
Release date: April 2004

01. Welcome To The Donkey's Island
02. Donkey's Island
03. Ephemeral World
04. Born To Buy?
05. Tethys
06. Twilight
07. Avalonia
08. Ispahan
09. Circle
10. 614 HSO
11. Partita N°1 In B M For Violin Solo (J.S. Bach)

"An Ephemeral World" is the new release of the great Patrick Rondat. If you don't know this guy, you must know that he is certainly one of the best guitarist in the world and he is one of the most respected musician in France, he was also the guitarist of the Progressive band Elegy. After a lot of releases "An Ephemeral World" is the new production of the master and one time again, he did a really good and interesting album.

"An Ephemeral World", the new production of Patrick Rondat, is another time a really good album and if I must talk about the music, well in fact I could say that we are into true Progressive metal. A ton of tempo changes, extraordinary guitars solo, perfect technical bass lines and excellent parts of drums. Yes the music of Rondat is very well done. Maybe the little problem with this album is the fact that the keyboards are not very present all the time. Maybe it could be better I think with more Piano and Keyboards.
The 11 songs of the album are damn effective, very progressive and atmospheric and really it's good to listen this album. If you like Progressive/Heavy Metal for sure you will like this album.
Because the production of the cd is also perfect. Really the sound of the cd is excellent and you can understand that it's really important when you want to listen a cd that is more a real "instrumental" work than a classic album. On that point don't be afraid because we have a great work.
The only thing that I would like to see could be the music of Rondat with a singer. Then I know his albums are always without any singers but well I really would like to know his music with a singer because really I'm sure that it could be just amazing. But of course it's certainly just a dream…

Anyway this "An Ephemeral World" is a really cool album for all the fans of Prog Metal and technical music. If you like amazing guitarist and if you don't find this kind of music boring well, believe me that you must by this album. If you don't only want great musicians who do very technical music will maybe then this one will not be for you. But anyway this new Rondat is a good one and I recommend it to all the fans who like true Metal artists.

Written by Jeff | 18.05.2004


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