Tao Menizoo - #1 review

Band: Tao Menizoo
Album: #1
Release date: 2003

01. Paranoid Crisis
02. Dementia
03. Thorns
04. Innerängst
05. Belief
06. Victims
07. Sin Of Flesh
08. DNA
09. Come Inside My Hell
10. Sadness Enthroned
11. The Ending

This is the debut album of French metallers Tao Menizoo , a weird band that mixes elements from Death and Trash Metal, with some other modern elements like Metalcore.
I must say that for a self-released debut album, this is pretty good looking, the digipack and the cover art are really well done, it even includes a multimedia section, where you can check out some of the band history.

But (there's always a but), sadly this is not my cup of tea, while having nice Death and Trash Metal influences, the whole Metalcore part is not very suitable for me, and make this release not a very pleasant listen.

Don't be held by my harsh words, if you like modern rhythms á la Sepultura, you should try this one, I must warn you that it also contain certain industrial elements once in a while, a varied album? Yes. A good one? Well, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder they say.

Much of you might be thinking that this is completely Metalcore Nu-Metal, well you're wrong, despite the obvious influences, Tao Menizoo, manages to capture the essence of styles like Death and Trash Metal, but sadly, they mix it with the wrong genre.

If Tao Menizoo are doing something new or done to death here, is up to you to decide, because I'm not much into modern Metal.
Not for me, I have no cure now, I'm and old melodies Metalhead, no space in my brain for those new modern Deathcore sounds.

Written by Undercraft | 28.05.2004


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