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Skylark - Wings review


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Band: Skylark
Album: Wings
Release date: 2004

01. Rainbow In The Dark
02. Summer Of 2001
03. Another Reason To Believe
04. Belzebu 2
05. Faded Fantasy
06. Last Ride
07. A Stupid Song
08. When Love And Hate Collide [Def Leppard cover]

Happy happy happy! Is the best way to describe the sixth album of these Italians, Skylark. They play a fusion of Progressive Metal with some Power Metal and some Hard Rock elements also, the result? A mellow album to dream and love.
In this sixth release, Skylark have incorporated female singer Kiara to handle some of the vocal duties along with Fabio Dozzo. She has a great voice, very sweet and tender, he has a very good voice also…. very sweet and tender! (hmmm, maybe that's the mellow element…) I can't help noticing also that Kiara is a very attractive woman, good to know that more fine looking ladies are joining the ranks of Metal.

Let's go on with the joy and happy thoughts that pervade in the land of Skylark, a land full of magical beings and campfires.
Even the cover art has the mellow look, I don't know how these guys manage to create the effect, and still amazes me.

The album begins with a nice piano intro, then Fabio starts singing, his voice sounds so warm, you could imagine singing this same song in a campfire with a guitar at hand, the song has varied elements and also features the beautiful voice of Kiara.
"Summer Of 2001" is the second song, that have a catchy chorus, very sing-along, wonder what happened in that summer…
"Another Reason To Believe" is another cool song and one of my favorites, catchy, melodic and… happy, some other songs are just fillers, like acoustic intent "Faded fantasy" and "A Stupid Song" hey! at least they were honest enough to admit that they included a stupid song in the record, totally useless. The record ends with a cover version of "When Love And hate Collide" originally performed by Def Leppard, and now performed by Kiara in a piano and keyboard song.

Hit or miss? I would say neither, while the band incorporates elements like female vocals and some instrumental interludes lacks aggression in several parts, but while very mellow and "pink" as this might be, is not corny and they manage to keep the cheese flavor very apart. At the end we have an album for "those" kind of days, we're you just don't want to headbang until dawn.

Written by Undercraft | 14.06.2004


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