Node - Das Kapital review


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Band: Node
Album: Das Kapital
Release date: March 2004

01. War Goes On
02. Twenties
03. Outpost
04. The East-Ghost
05. Das Kapital
06. Retreat '42
07. Weaknessphere
08. The Plot Sickens
09. One Way Media
10. Empire [Queenrÿche cover]
11. Few Words Again

My relationship with Node is the one you have when you first know a person, and you don't know is going to be a great friendship. First, I approached him cautiously, with little trust, then I began listening to it, hearing what he wanted to say, after I heard what he had to offer, I relaxed, I extended my hand and offer a firm handshake, that's how my friendship with this album started.
After a few days, we started to hang out together, I really liked his company, while in the car, returning back from job, while going to my girlfriends house, even I went with him to drink some beers with friends, they though it was a really good companion and they liked it too. Now I must say that I have a great friend at my side, his name is Node.

My friend here doesn't keep anything to himself, he always talking about last century political conflicts, but he keeps it interesting, because he tells all these facts under a sarcastic point of view, which keeps me -and any listener around- interested about his point of view.

But my dear mate is no pacifist, he is really aggressive, he's always changing moods, and he's so varied in his transitions, that is hard to tell one from another, what I'm trying to say here I guess, is that he never repeats itself.
Did I mention that my buddy is Italian? For me, that's the coolest thing, because not many people coming from Italy have such strong political feelings about historical events, at least I don't know anyone like that.

We share everything, even he have very similar tastes! We both love the song "Empire" from Qüeensryche, I mean, that song marked me when I was a little boy only, and now he's always singing it, can't get enough of that.
I was spending a lot of time with Node, but sadly, I have another friends who I want to hang out also, that doesn't mean that I'm going to left behind my pal here, I'm sure that at least once a week I'm going to look for him so we can hang out like old times, and maybe have some "Few Words Again" because I loved those.

Written by Undercraft | 15.06.2004


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