Life's Decay - Human Art Decay (First Suicide) review

Band: Life's Decay
Album: Human Art Decay (First Suicide)
Release date: 2003

01. Experimental Perfection Search
02. Metal Extermination
03. Renaissance

What can music be, more then just music? Well, that's something Life's Decay is showing us.
With "Human Art Decay [First Suicide] they giving us Dark music, art, propaganda and whatever belongs to that.
But for this review, we will stay inside the gates of music, and focus on the first outcome of this, yet, unsigned solo-project.

Life Decay is, as mention, a solo project of a guy named Viriyah Karet (aka Life's Decay Master). He founded the "band" in the first quarter of 2003 (so it's a fresh one) in Paris, France.
He is also the keyboarder in another French Doom band called Despond.
And "Human Art Decay [First Suicide] is the first release, but a successor is almost ready for release.
But it's the first one we now shall dedicate the following lines too.

3 songs over, quite impressive, 18 minutes is what Life's Decay is giving us with their first release. But the biggest issue is how we categorize it, because Doom Metal isn't really a good word for it, because it's so much more. So what can it be?
Well, as the band says, "Dark ExperiMental", might be a good one, because it's some of everything in here, Doom (both some funeral and death), dark ambient, atmospheric, black and whatever.

But what does it contain, just a lot of garbage?
No, of course not. Even if it's very hard to put a finger on the genre, the music isn't bad.
It's very cool listening to, because the guy really has some original ideas, and that's rare nowadays. But it's hard to get a grip of everything in just these three songs, so I think when the second release is out, we'll know better of what's going on is the head of the master.

I really think that you, fan of experimental, dark music (and even rawer Doom) shall check this band out, or at least pay a visit to the site, and maybe try an mp3 or something.
And as an unsigned band, they have the future ahead of them, and I'm sure their second one will be even greater than this one.

Check Out: All three tracks.

Written by Malcolm | 06.07.2004


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