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Pantheon I - Demo MMIII review


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Band: Pantheon I
Album: Demo MMIII
Release date: May 2003

01. Enter The Pantheon
02. Impious Spirit
03. A Shadow
04. Myopic Dark Eyes

Four-track Demo album from a Black Metal band from Norway, country that started the whole movement. the band is fronted by Andre Kvebek, guitarist of the well known Norwegian Black Metal band 1349.
Pantheon I play very aggressive and raw Black Metal, the vocals are buried in the mix, giving priority to the guitar riffs and the occasional violin, delightfully played by Sareeta from Ramzet.

The four songs in the Demo are quite typical extreme fast paced Black metal songs, with the twist of the violin and some sound samples, giving the music a more industrial touch rather that the usual "Tr00" raw Black Metal sound.

Some songs even have some technical passages, like some tech. Death Metal bands, and even some Strapping Young Lad touches here and there. The interesting moments though, are when the band slows down a little bit, and let the violin do the work.

Interesting work from this Norwegian band, definitely need some work, and a lot of practice to find a appropriate sound for the band, but until that time, this sound helps to picture a clear idea about the future of the band.
Now go to their official site and download this Demo entirely, since they've been so kind to upload the four song, and please… comment!

Written by Undercraft | 09.07.2004


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