Halor - The Powers Breaking Loose review

Band: Halor
Album: The Powers Breaking Loose
Release date: 2003

01. Sunset
02. When The Day Has Come
03. Seeking The Truth
04. The Power's Breaking Loose
05. Hurricane
06. Desire To Fly

Got a little rare treat for all of the Metal Storm readers here, Halor from Hungary, a practically unknown band, and this, their second Demo titled "The Power's Breaking Loose". I'm always trying to discover new bands to review on the site, this way some pretty obscure bands make their way through our pages.

Anyway, we have 6 tracks, (an intro and five songs) and the name of the game here is classic Heavy Metal, nice guitar work, some catchy tunes, and acceptable overall production.
The Demo starts with "When The Day Has Come" an up-tempo opener, with some catchy lines, but not a killer song, next is "Seeking The Truth" and the first problem appear, the choruses. When they do that "gang" choirs, the sound is terrible, just like a couple of drunks singing in a very small room, if they want to do big choirs and that, they need to find another technique. Next is the title track, nothing special really, but after that is "Hurricane" and that's what I'm talking about, definitively my favorite song in the demo, great riffs and hooks everywhere, I want more of this! "Desire To Fly" closes the deal with another fast song with catchy melodies.

At the end we have 5 good quality songs, that's for sure. Some problems in the production and the awful cover art may keep away some potential fans, but who need fans that base their opinion only in the looks? Halor have potential, and sadly that potential can only be fully realized with money, until then, this Demo represent their best effort, not that much, but enjoyable.

Written by Undercraft | 21.07.2004


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