Radigost - For The Honor Of Our Truth... For The Honor Of Our Faith... review


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Band: Radigost
Album: For The Honor Of Our Truth... For The Honor Of Our Faith...
Release date: January 2004

01. For The Honour Of Our Truth...For The Honour Of Our Faith...
02. В сердце битвы (In The Heart Of Battle)
03. The Sacred Aim Of Humanity
04. Maestus
05. Пути богов (Pathways Of Gods)
06. Thousands Years Of Darkness
07. Woodlands
08. Небесное пламя (Celestial Flame)
09. Blood And Grief

From the heart of Russia, Moscow, I have in my hands what might be the next big thing on Black Metal my friends, Radigost is the band, and "For The Honor Of Our Truth... For The Honor Of Our Faith" is their second release (phew.. don't make me type that long title again..)

Anyway, first thing that strikes you is the beautiful artwork and presentation of the Cd, just outstanding, the Cd comes in a great DigiPak and the inlay artwork is as exceptional as the cover art, special mention to the band members section, they really look like medieval warriors! Great work!

The band plays Black Metal, as I said before, but they include their special touch adding Folk elements and classical music to the mix, another special mention to the keyboards which are amazing, each song has great piano lines on the back.
Not all songs aren't fast paced, this is a band that worries about creating the right atmosphere, there are some instrumentals also, which only add a bonus to the atmospheric effect.

The band sings both in Russian and English, the vocals goes from classical Black Metal shrieks to some clear vocals, choir-like, very Viking Metal if you ask me.
The production is a little fuzzy I must say, but with all the work on the presentation and general layout, I must assume that this effect as intentional, because the DigiPak is the one that you would expect receive from a professional band with the proper investment behind.
If I must choose one song, well, "Thousands Years Of Darkness" did it for me, great tempo changes, spectacular keyboards and great overall atmosphere.

This is a great black Metal release, the presentation is flawless and the music is very well executed, these guys are trying to give a new face to Black Metal, and I hope that they succeed at it, definitively a must have for any fan of Black Metal or Folk.

Written by Undercraft | 22.07.2004



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30.09.2009 - 11:21
Heaven Knight
I need to check this band out soon
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again


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