L.A. Guns - Live Ammo review

Band: L.A. Guns
Album: Live Ammo
Release date: 2004

01. Face Down
02. Sex Action
03. One More Reason
04. Kiss My Love Goodbye
05. Bitch Is Back
06. Long Time Dead
07. Over The Edge
08. Never Enough
09. Nothing Better To Do
10. Guitar Solo
11. Electric Gypsy
12. Ballad Of Jayne
13. Ballad Of Jayne
14. Untitled

"Live Ammo" is a recording of the reunion concert LA Guns gave in 1999 with the original line-up [Tracii Guns and Mick Cripps on guitar, Kelly Nickels on bass, Steve Riley on drums and Phil Lewis for the vocals], in the Key Club in Los Angeles.
This album released by Mausoleum Records is a nice Live album of the band from Los Angeles. If you like Hard Rock and if you are a fan of the band, no doubt that you could like it…

One hour of pure Hard Rock live music by "LA Guns". That could be a good description for this album. In fact this gig, with the original line up of the band was I think a very good one. I was not in LA this night of course, but when I listen to "Live Ammo" with a sound more than honest a lot of catchy songs of the band and a very solid playing, no doubt that it was a good idea to do this reunion. Then ok, sometime the voice of Phil Lewis is not the best of the world, but anyway, with a lot of variety in the music, we have ballads, real hard rock songs or some songs which are near of Punk/Hardcore LA Guns did a nice Live this night.
And the result is not perfect of course, we can find better live albums for sure, but this one is more than honest and it's a good idea to release this album. At least the fans will be happy to listen this excellent performance of the band.
About the production, as I said before, we have a really nice sound [too bad though that we can't hear more the crowd] and again with a Mausoleum production, a great biography by Alfie Falckenbach in the booklet. But however argggg !!! Look at this cover !!! Seriously this is one of the worst I've seen… Please next time do something better…

"Live Ammo" is a good live album that I will recommend to all the fans of Hard Rock, and of course to all the fans of "LA Guns". If you don't know this combo, maybe it could be a good thing to try their music through this album.
A powerful Live album, maybe not perfect but honest…

Written by Jeff | 24.07.2004


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