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The Amenta - Occasus review


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Band: The Amenta
Album: Occasus
Release date: 2004

01. Erebus
02. Mictlan
03. Zero
04. Senium
05. Nihil
06. Geilt
07. Sekem
08. Occasus
09. Ennea
10. Sangre
11. Inritus [2007 re-release bonus]
12. Mictlan [2007 re-release bonus]
13. Ennea [2007 re-release bonus]
14. Nekuia [2007 re-release bonus]

Originality is the word that I must use to describe the new phenomenon, directly from the wallabies country, The Amenta. Because first The Amenta is original for sure, but secondly because I can bet a beer with you that this band could become soon one of this bands that all the metal-heads will respect and love. A strong Dark/Death metal with aggressive riffs and tempo, and really strong vocals, with a touch of Indus which is the source of this originality.

After a really good demo "Mictlan" [2002], the Australian combo release it first album, "Occasus", through the French label Listenable, and no doubt that if it was a try, this one is succeeded.
The style of The Amenta is hard to describe, just because they play a music that it's hard to compare with the others bands. I could say that we are sometime near of Morbid Angel, but some other time, due to the great ambiances [dark and tortured, with a lot of keyboards] of the album, we are near of bands like Emperor. But for all the songs, in general this is uncommon and the reason must come from all this samples and Indus lines in the background of each song. The result is more than convincing and the music of this band even if it's really brutal is really catchy.
This is maybe not very technical but the double bass drums are devastating and at the end with all this really great background ambiances, this first album of The Amenta is one of the real great surprises of this summer.
The good other point of the cd is that you can find very brutal tracks like "Erebus" [we are here near of the real brutal death with in addition some touch of Indus] or some other songs which are more melodic like "Nihil"[more slow, more Black Metal with a very dark ambiance]. This is not linear, and one more time this is a great point for this excellent new band made in Australia.
About the production I will say that again, but all is ok. The sound is really good and the production don't suffer of anything. Plus you have in the cd a media part, with pictures, biography interviews and all this kind of stuff…. Nothing to say…

Well, well, "Occasus" is a damn good album. Maybe the only problem could come from the fact that it's maybe not very easy of access [because it's new, and you know like me that in general this kind of arguments disturb a lot of people], but at least it's really original and well done. Then if you want something really strong and heavy for this summer, remember this name, The Amenta.

Written by Jeff | 06.08.2004


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Ferocious primeval Death metal played with explosive blast beats, threateningly fast tempo-ed guitars, dominantly powerful raspy vocals and ambient synth elements lay in wait for the listener of the 2004 release "Occasus" from the band "The Amenta".

A highly innovative follow up to their acclaimed Demo of 2002 "Mictlan", The Amenta play with crushing efficiency paving a new force in extreme music. Influenced, but far from a clone of any previous band, The Amenta have inclinations of death, black, industrial, thrash metal embodied in their brand of powerful chaotic intensity. For all its extremity, The Amenta know how to slam the breaks on just at the appropriate moment to provide the listener with beautiful sound scapes of syth ambience before again jumping into a whirlwind of perfectly balanced brutality. This synth ambience too plays a prominent part in the bare bones structure of their raw music tracks, enhancing an already masterful music and helping the band forge their exquised sounds.

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19.09.2006 - 21:54
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This is a strong CD which combines brutality with excellent production. Thats not it though, as stated above also uses dissadent ambient influences in the music. The Intro to Geilt is something I can never get out of my head sometimes. I'll even forget what band it came from only to recollect it was The Amenta. The end result is Brutality with highly memorable moments! Its very interesting indeed.

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