A Lower Deep - Parable Of The Thorn review


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Band: A Lower Deep
Album: Parable Of The Thorn
Release date: 2004

01. Unnamed Thorn
02. A Brief Forever
03. Winter's Summons
04. New Dimension
05. Kingdom For Sale
06. Substance Of Nothing
07. Are We Lost
08. Soliloquy
09. Free The Me
10. Veil Of Secrets

A Lower Deep is a young band from the United Sates and they use to play a Progressive/Power Metal…damn effective. After a first demo in 2002 with very positives critical reviews, the band release this year their first album "Parable Of The Thorn". And for a first album, I must admit that this is a really good surprise. A lot of tracks are really well done and catchy, and the music of the band is really interesting… You'll see all this points in this review…

The music of A Lower Deep, is interesting for some numerous aspects. In fact, the musicians of the band play a classic Power/Heavy metal but with some Progressive touch and at the end their music is not really common. First, this album is a bit dark, and I really like this aspect, this is not this kind of "happy" Power Metal like we can find everyday. In the spirit, we are really near of the music of band like Nevermore for example. And about Nevermore, the great point of A Lower Deep is the voice of the singer Billy Mullican, which is really near of the one of Mr Warrel Dane, and of course that's an excellent point.
The other musicians are good too and they play a music, which can be aggressive with a fast tempo, but also a bit insistent and slow. With a lot of break and really good powerful guitars riff, double bass pedal etc, "Parable Of The Thorn" is a complex album, however very well written.
If you look the cover of the album you'll see that we have a really nice one, you can see that one time again, we have a lot of work for this album, but however there is a little problem for me. The sound. Even if it's a real album and not a demo, the sound is near of the quality of some [good however…] demo. And it's a shame because they really deserve to have a big and clean professional sound. I really hope for the band that they could have it in the future…

A lower Deep is a good and promising band. Their first album "Parable Of The Thorn" is more than promising and I'm sure that in the future we could hear some good things about this band. When I see the work on this album [excepted for the quality of the sound…] I'm sure that the best will come for this American Combo. Remember this name A Lower Deep, believe me we could hear of them soon…

Written by Jeff | 10.08.2004


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